Rocky Road

As I shield myself from this blinding sunlight, the wind blew hard. I woke up from this day dream with a snap. I grew terrified. As I made my every step, my body starts to shiver more and more. I faced forward, stared ahead on road, and thought, I walked this path, everyday yet, I never got used to it.

This road, though it’s perfectly straight and cemented, seemed to grew harder and harded to pass on to with each passing day. It’s as if it becomes more rocky today that it was yesterday. And surprizingly frightening, it seemed lesser rocky the other day that it was yesterday. I start to get myself terrified. Terrified for how rocky this road might be tomorrow and the days after it.

Helplessly holding myself of fear, I started to wonder what lies ahead of me. What lies beyond these cloud-like path? What might be there beyond the scope of my view? What is there when I reached it? How far could I go? How much could I give? How much pain would I receive?

A part of me wants to slap myself to reality, pat my back and say, “It’s okay.” Yet, the other part of me, brain dead, can’t move a muscle, gazing to a distant as if in trance, won by fear, terrified to death.

Kyo [1]. My only refuge. Your voice is that of an angel’s. Sing to me. Sing to me tonight. Sing to me until my heart calms… Until this nightmare fades…

[1] Kyo is the vox of Dir en Gray. I know it should be Toshiya because I like him more than Kyo but Kyo is the vox, so the singing part should be left to him.

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  1. ei sis, don’t be terrified by life’s pressures. dont feel helpless.. _;;; ejoy life’s journey not the destination.. pssssttt… nakikinig ka pla ng dir en gray? 🙂

  2. ‘Yan ang buhay. Haaay. Kahit mahirap, kelangan mong tiisin. If you really want to see what’s ahead. Pero ganun din. Pagdating mo dun, magtatanong ka ulit, maghahanap ka pa rin ng ibang daan.

  3. sighs Rocky road gets rockier everytime. I guess everyone should be used to it, but it ain’t unusual to dread the future. “Fearful anticipation,” I guess, is normal.

    Euri, it’s beautiful. Too bad I can’t understand it that clearly LOL :p

  4. Wow nice piece~ I’m guessing it also reflects a bit on what you were currently feeling. Must say what you wrote is exactly something I can understand and reflect on as well. Can’t say music helps me much at that time but yeah ^^

  5. you have your angel right? then don’t be scared. Love overcomes fear basta andyan si kyo mo right?

    Please do not just read it with a straight line. It meant more than it’s written. And I personally think it’s creatively written

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