Last Friday was my last day at DME. For years, I’ve been keeping it a secret where I exactly work. Though I’ve been saying that I’m working for a gaming company, I seldom name it. Just so that I do not get customer support related issues from people.

I took a few shots just when I was about to leave, and took pictures with friends I often hang out with. I did not feel like crying, but I was sad.

dme dme2

Working in DME was the best and funnest experience I had so far. The people are fun, the work itself is fun (despite the super toxic jobs at times) and at the same time, you learn a lot.

I’ll miss these people and a bunch of them that I failed to take pictures (Berwin’s fault, for giving me a lot of work that I totally forgot to take pictures when they’re still around the office)…

dme3 dme4

And the McDonald’s across the street where I ate its food every single day for 3 whole years!


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  1. Workplace always holds a lot of memories because you spent most of your day there. Some friends, some colleagues, its fun! Some days , you jus chill out and do nothing and some days you are totally screwed, isn’t it??! Well Hope u get a better place ..

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