Sony Ericsson K800i

sek800i.gif I got a new cellphone! It’s a Sony Ericsson K800i. You got to love it! I’m bragging it to all of you right now. I think, a 3.2 mega pixel Cybershot is just enough for my amateur photography needs. Although, I am aware you guys are hell lot richer. Because of this new cellphone, I won’t be buying a digital camera anymore. Although I do want a digital camera of higher mega pixels, my pocket wont permit it.

Of course, I got this phone for free. ^_^ How do you expect me to pay for that costly cellphone, anyway? It was from my mom’s plan. She gets a new cellphone every year whenever she renews her plan at Smart. This gives me the reason to love Smart once a year too. Aside from this, I have no other reasons to love Smart. They have poor customer support, their Smart Bro suck, it takes you less than half an hour before the CSR answers your call, their TSR doesn’t even know what an IP address is, their Smart Bro suck, yada yada…

This, originally should be my brother’s cellphone. He wants a Nokia N80 model but Smart doesn’t have them in their plans anymore. It was a take it or leave it offer and since my brother chose the “leave it” option, I took it. ๐Ÿ˜€

PS: Happy Lunar New Year to everyone! My Lunar New year gift will be late.

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  1. happy lunar new year too. though I’m not Chinese. but I love tikoy!!! ?

    anyways, smart really sucks, smat bro succks big time. ๐Ÿ˜† but I’m not really a smart user but I know ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. oohh!!! congrats on the new phone… happy lunar new year to you too!!! and yeah I’ve got a hell of an experience with the Smart Bro TSRs… In fact, they might recognize me because I call like 7 times a day and they tell me the same thing… there’s an ongoing technical activity that they weren’t given any advisory of… how sucky… too bad we had to rely on them since DSL here in the province sucks more than Smart Bro…

  3. Congrats! Gotta love it, indeed. Grrr, you’re saved from frustration!

    Last year, when my dad bought a digicam in Singapore, I asked for our Canon, but he wouldn’t give it to me. I’m not really particular when it comes to phones, I just want something that allows me to text and call, so with my savings, I bought a second hand SE-something phone, basta may cam lang.

    Then my dad gave me the digicam after 2 weeks.


    Smart = PLDT = Sucks

  4. wah naks naamn sa yan nlng binili ko ako ksi super addicted din sa cam haha kya nga bumili me ng motorola rzr nagandahan ako sa cam shot hnd tulad ng nokia load load pa ang tgl panget naman/ LMAO magkaroon man ng maganda super mahal errr dba? hehe kya aun.. weee skn isang click un na..pero sna gnun nlng dn un gnyan san 3.2?! naksssss wee kainggit namaN!

  5. Cool! I want a phone with a camera that has a a good resolution. But I don’t really need it. Hehe. Ayos lang naman kahit na old model ng Nokia ang phone ko (pero colored at MMS capable naman, haha). Gusto ko lang naman ng phone na may camera para makapag photoblog ako.

  6. TEKA TEKA!!! you got that for free??? daya! my housemaid borrowed money from me to buy that phone! It was so expensive (that one she bought) tapos you got it for free? oh well.. ayun si housemaid sobrang saya… the other one also got that latest nokia thingy too.

    Nadaig na la ang boss nila ha hahaha! Ako Motorolla ROKR lang ๐Ÿ˜›

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