Lunar New Year 2007

Lunar New Year 2007

Happy Lunar New year to everyone! Here’s my gift for all of you. 🙂


Anyway, we went to Ongpin this morning to buy stuff like magazines, Chinese and Taiwanese TV Series DVDs, Tikos and the like. We get to see the dragon dance. (I’ll upload the pictures at my gallery at a later date because I’m so freaking tired from all the walking I did the whole day. But, even so, I am happy because I found 2 more of Gackt’s albums – Crescent and Diabolos. <3 I got my reward that lifted all those weariness and irritation I felt through the heat of walking from Recto to Raon to Isetan and back. Now I lack 2 more albums. Now where the heck am I suppose to go around just to find Mizerable and Moon?

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  1. Oh.. Congrats for the albums.. I’m a very bad fan and don’t own any real albums.. :'( Maybe I’ll get rich some day and can support all my favourite artists.. Hopefully.. 😛 Aww.. Ganbatte finding Mizerable and Moon ^__^

  2. happy new year:!:
    I’m not Chinese but I went to China Town in London today and it was craaaazy today. Was so much fun. I know what you mean about being tired…I think I need a nap 😆

  3. I wish there was something exciting like that around here. Hopefully when I move out to Wyoming, there will be stuff to do. The gift is pretty, btw. XD

  4. Kung Hei Fat Choi!!!
    even if I’m not chinese…
    aww I failed to do a valentine’s gift… so sorry 🙁 *sniff*
    passed by anyway 😀 heehee

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