I finally finished coding my guestbook and it took me approximately 5 hours in total. Some 2 hours last night and the finishing touches tonight. It’s non-backend at the moment, that’ll take me another 5 hours or so to code. So, I’ll do it this weekend, that’s if I have the time or I’m not lazy. X-P To cut things short, sign my guestbook? :lmao: I’ll be working on the awards tomorrow night. I promise. This is the real thing. X-P

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  1. FIVE HORUS FOR A GUESTBOOK T___T I never really liked guestbooks XDDD; Highly inconvenient. But since you spent FIVE HORUS moi thinks I should go take a lookie~~

  2. Sorry for doubleposting but I just realized that I spelled “hours” wrong twice o_o’ I’m such a freak T__T’

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