I’m not your slave nor pet that you can just yell at whenever you want and whenever you feel like. You don’t own me. You don’t feed me. You don’t pay me nor pay for my neccesities. You are not my parent nor grandparent. You are not my even close to being my friend. In my eyes, you just exist there. You are my senior, that’s all.

I won’t demand that you treat me equally as you do on others. I never did. Why? Because Nobody does. It’s in people’s nature not to treat everyone equally. People treat their friends better than they treat their plain acquaintance, workmates, classmates and so on. I never demanded that you treat me like you would do a normal person either. Because I am aware I’m not. (I intend no pun and I’m serious.) I, however, at least, deserve even a little amount of respect.

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  1. everyone deserves respect, even if you don’t like them. it’s just plain human decency. I hope you resolve this euri

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