Treasure Chest

Happy new year, everyone!

I had a New Year’s Resolution of sleeping early, but I broke it as fast as the second day. So I’m trashing the idea, and stick by my usual motto that New Year’s Resolutions are meant to be broken. Haha!

On a good side, I’ve finally finished revamping a sub-section of the site. It’s where all those silly things I collect through the years like stamps, blinkies, quilt squares and other adoptions. It’s more organized now than before, in my opinion. Instead of having an individual sub-site for each of these collections, I’ve decided to merged them all to one collection site. Thus, Treasure Chest. It’s a temporary name though, until I think of a better one. Or I might keep it if I find a piratey web theme or some sort.

Oh, and I need to mention this: last year, I found a site with TCG like way of collecting stamps. It’s called Cyberstamps. These stamps, however, are mostly offered in German sites so it’s pretty tedious to collect them if you can’t understand German. But they are fun and addicting either way. I thought I make new stamps like them, but I’m kinda lazy to. So for now, until I stopped being lazy, I might interest you with viewing my collections of Cyberstamps so far. 😀

Oh, and in case you haven’t done so, you can grab my New Year’s gift from the previous post.

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  1. Thanks for the gift and the advice. 🙂
    So, do I add padding through the css?
    If I make the number higher, will that make it better?
    (Sorry, I am horrible at coding… ; 😉

  2. Hahah natawa naman ako sa umpisa palang ng blog post mo! Me too I used to make new years resolutions every year but then they too seem to be short-lived so for this year I decided not to make any commitments lol go with the flow nalang!

  3. I used to collect a lot of those too, but I stopped because there were too many and I got overwhelmed to even create a site dedicated for my collection. I still want to do a gallery of my stationery though. Aah, in time… 😛

  4. I’ll have to try that on my next layout. Sorry this response is so late. I’m having laptop problems. How have you been doing?

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