Run Down

BE’s a little run down. First, there’s a huge amount of spamming in my tagboard that irritates me so much! I already banned a few of the IPs from that spammer to lessen it a bit. If it would continue to spam more, I’ll end up using a free tagboard for this. Not to mention, ScriptHost stopped hosting text counters for free leaving me an ugly message that says:

We are very sorry but the free counter can no longer be provided due to abuse and exceptional server resource usage. We can reactivate on an individual basis however must cover our admin costs click here. To remove delete the code from your website

Everything seems to be a big headache for me. I’ll be fixing things a bit whenever I find a free time to do so but I wont be back totally until thesis is done and I could finally sleep soundly. You could mail me if it’s something important. I open my mail everyday. Until then, bare with no updates nor visit from me.

Sorry… 🙁

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  1. Wahh 🙁 pats Euwwi I hope everything gets fixed.


    Hmm, I’m thinking of what to name the fanlisting. :]

  2. hugs Aww. Everything will work out for the better, you watch ^^ I think you should take some time away, ALTHOUGH I AM GOING FREAKING CRAZY HERE WITHOUT YOU XDXD Get away and breath…..then come back and spam us all with love and updates XD

    I think thats what I need. To like, get away from updating about bad things, just ignore them and move on. BUT cant be oblivious to life so w/e XD xxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxox ect.

  3. gamit ka na lang ng free tagboard ok naman services ng Cbox eh.. kasi dami talaga mga a$$holes sa mundo.. sakin din eh.. dami nang-iinsulto at kung anu-ano pa.. pero keri lang yun.. hehe.. musta na thesis?? hehe.. ingat ka. at sana magaling ka na..

  4. ;O; i know what you mean!! i use that same counter for jennijen’s fl and it went dead ._. hope everything goes better for you though ♥

  5. That sucks, Euri. I’m sorry things aren’t going so well. I love you though, and I know everything will work out ok eventually. Once you get done with the thesis business, you’ll probably be a lot less stressed and a lot more ready to deal with the site. Until then, I’ll wait patiently for your return! As for the counter thing, you should try the one I use. I don’t know what ScriptHost offered, but StatCounter has been relatively reliable and they offer quite a bit for it to be a free counter.

  6. eek, that happened to me (spamming that is) on my guestbook. The spam was soo bad! Like a 100+ messages! I tried banning IPs too but they just keep on coming. So I just deleted the damn thing. Planning on getting a guestmap or something though 🙂

    Can you believe that xanga just don’t care? Freewebs and the other host answered me back in a snap but still no email from xanga.

    To think that a lot of kids (and i mean the one digit), stealers and copiers are from xanga. Tsk tsk, we should boycott that site.

  7. Me back! xoxo Yayness! My host is shutting down is domain so I am being forced to move again v___v Change my link lovee whenever your around next time, hopefully you’ll update and feel allll better XD

  8. I cannot do anything but to pray for you. It’s not an insult. You just need prayers, because only He can renew your strength. (Whether you beleive or not)

  9. Hey Euri! Buti ka pa, people participate in your tagboard, sa’kin ala nga T_T huhuhu

    hehe nvm ^_^;;

    Hrm. Thesis? Ah, hehe I’ll just do what Chette said she’ll do. And its not for any bad intentions, its because its what we believe in. Oo nga pala, I opened a design site kasi, tapos I was planning to renew the affiliates, can I affiliate with you still?

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