To Fuckshet members and hostees,

The reason why you can’t access Fuckshet is because it’s down. I don’t fucking know why. I will inform you when I get a word from my host. So please stop annoying me. I have a lot of work to do and I do not have time to reply to each and every IMs you send me regarding this.

That’s about it, thank you.

PS: If other members ask you why, just direct them to this page.


I received a word from my host and was informed that someone hacked the site. The nice hacker who loves wearing pink and sleeps with Minnie Mouse every other night got laid on by some gay when he was drunk. Out of misery, he deleted each and every file in the server leaving not a single file. And yes, including the index file.

Again, I do not have the time to put up a new forum now for your leisure. I am busy as Hell in Hell. Satan is working me off too much these days. Yes, we aren’t even done with processing those people who died from the last war from Iraq. I’m about done with approving them worthy to be released or will remain damned down here though. What? You think St. Peter and his lackeys are the only ones processing dead people? We do too, you know. We even have more work than them since people are more sinful than obedient. Just now, I received a whole pile of people’s names again. Oh, when will all these be done? Good thing his highness, Astaroth, isn’t around to add me a list of people to be damned just because he wanted them here.

But seriously, guys, you’ll have to wait.


Fuckshet Forum is now up!

To old mods, as soon as you register, PM me so that I could give you your mod ranks back. To old members, please register again. 🙂

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  1. @ joyfulchicken ~
    Sometimes, I amaze myself that I can go so far as to be rather corny. Just don’t look at my face when I crack a joke. It would be disturbing.

  2. the “update” part was a bit confusing… entertaining, but confusing… (at least, for a pea brain like mine can handle) X-P

  3. Im really sorry that this happened. I really do not know why hackers actually do that. For pleasure? For pride? or simple for fun? I honestly do not know and honestly I am really really pissed off 🙁 They’re just too damn good that sometimes I am thinking of wanting to be a hacker myself X-(

  4. Wow, you sure are hacker prone! The gods must be really loving you!

    Bloody hell! You do what? So, Dante’s Inferno-wise and all, which level of hell are you in right now? O_O

    Anyway, my brother thinks I’m going to hell. So see you there!!!

  5. @ Talamasca ~
    Ugh, tell me about it. This is why I hate hosting stubborn newbies on my site. They use fucking outdated scripts that are hack prone. Too add, they even insist on them.

  6. Crap, that’s terrible… Damn hackers should be shot in front of a live television audience…. Well, OK… no, I don’t condone murder. How about some good old fashioned flogging?

  7. i wonder whats in fuckshet.com ill wait for it to be up and see..from the sitename itself, sounds interesting…. 🙂

  8. Your host should be able to restore your website. I remember my site got hacked once and fortunatelt for me, my hosting company (Host Dime) does a routine backup 3 times a week, so they restored everything within minutes.

  9. that sucks. freaking bored people who got nothing better to do with their time.. maybe one day you’ll receive his/her name too. :lmao:

  10. trelumas,
    Aba’y naku. Hindi ko na alam. Sa dami, hindi ko na mabilang. X-P

    I receive their names and even e-mail address. But what the heck will I do with them anyway? O_o

  11. Hi * chanel…,

    It’s because it is stated in my TOS that I do not backup sites and it is solely the client’s responsibility to keep back ups of their sites. Thank you.

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