Two Days in One Entry

Yesterday was a great day. I went home late so I wasn’t able to write. We went to manila to visit my grandmother. She gave me money ^_^ Yey!! We went to different malls and buy stuff. Anyway, moving to what happened today, This day suck! they said there was a strike so I didn’t go to class. Then, I missed a quiz at one of my major subject and a graded recitation at another. After class, I went to a photo studio to have my passport ID recopied and they said that I should have a new shot because they couldn’t recopy my negative. How come?! I just got that shot a month ago and it was at their own studio! Great! *sarcasm* I spend my allowance for the next day because of that pic! I desperately need that pic today. And all that, resulted to my bad mood the whole day!

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