Goodbye My Xavier…

(Hey, I’m learning to use proper capitalization now…)

Well, this morning, they woke me up and asked me to come with my bro to manila to fetch my granny. We left at around 8am. We arrived there at around 10 or so.. When we got there, my granny welcomed us at the door. I saw my cousins at the living room and we chatted with them a little. My cousin, Gilbert borrowed my cellphone and saw Xavier (my little Siberian doggy doll hanging in my cellphone). He removed it and asked me to give it to him. I said no, because I like my Xavier very much. A few minutes later, my granny came and said that she had prepared spaghetti for us and we should eat first. And we did. While eating she said that she isn’t coming with us because our uncle is going home tomorrow and she promised him that she would join them in their family trip. After eating, I went up to my cousins’ room to get my little doggy Xavier. He wont give it back and asked me over and over again to give it to him. he even gave me his doggy doll too in exchange of my doggy doll. After a while, I gave up. I gave him my doggy doll in exchange of his doggy doll… And we left after a while. When we arrived, it was past 12pm na. We ate lunch and went to Macro (a HUGE supermarket) to shop. We just got back about 2 hours ago. We ate dinner and here I am again, in front of my computer. By the way, I already found out who the “dj_ryankilmore” was. He was Jay’s friend the one with the weird hair… 😀

I miss my doggy….. Huhuhu…

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