A Familiar Face

I can’t seem to sleep that night I wonder why. I rose up to my feet and walked around at an unfamiliar room furnished with several antique Victorian styled furniture. The room was in white and gold, its windows, adorned with elegant curtains flowing down the fully carpeted floors. I suddenly thought of going out the terrace for the view – it was breathtaking. The entire village was filled with lights as if tiny fireflies in the darkest of forest. The wind then blew to my face as I close my eyes and feel the whispering breeze. I opened my eyes again and walked back inside and closed the terrace doors. I pulled down the rope that held the curtain to cover the doors as I unclothed myself, reached for the dresser, pulled out a dress and got changed. I suddenly noticed myself grasping the door’s knob, slowly turning it and leaving the room.

As I left the room, I went pass a hall with beautiful art collection lined up beside each room’s doors. The walls were ornamented with different paintings if not, crystal like wall sconce and the floor, carpeted in red. It was as if I was walking at a palace hall. As I was roaming around the halls looking at each and every one of the fine arts that lay there, I heard someone playing piano. I couldn’t tell where it was from but I was pretty sure it was the sound of a piano. As I continued to walk following the music, I found the music lead me to a room with two great doors. I was curious, so I opened the door and tried to peek inside to see who was playing. A soft, gentle, manly voice then spoke, and asked me to come in. He didn’t utter a word but something was telling me that he knew I was there even before I tried to peek. Although he asked me to come in, he still continued playing as if I were not there. I looked around the room to make myself less uneasy. The room was almost like the room I was from – the antique Victorian furniture and the fully carpeted floors. The half covered windows, however, are wider and taller. My eyes then glanced through it and saw the moon from it – full and beautiful. While my eyes roam the room, it passed through him. I wondered who he was but as I see it, I knew him from my dream. As I stared at him while he was playing, I couldn’t refrain myself to look at his beautiful eyes. When he noticed I was staring at him, he closed his eyes, lowered down his head, and asked me not to stare at him. But I couldn’t help it. He was beautiful. He asked me to take a sit and I did. It was the chair near the fireplace with another chair next to it and a table with a vase of red rose at the top. And a while later, the song was done. He served me tea and sat at the chair beside me. By his usage of words and etiquette, I could tell that he was of a wealthy up-bring. He held my hands and placed it at his chest as his head facing down. His tears then fell to my hands and quickly he wiped them away. I reached my hand and touched his face while wiping his tears. His arms then extended to my back and embraced me tight. He thanked me for being there as I returned his embrace…

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