Cellphone Scare

Tinakot ako ni Jem kanina. I thought I lost my cell phone. He borrowed it and said that he already returned it. Well, he did and I said, “hold it for me for a while”. Akala ko, nasa kanya kaya hindi ko na hinanap. Then, when I asked for it, he said, wala sa kanya! I was terrified to the bones. I didn’t know what to do at that time. Then, he laughed hard and told me he was just scaring me. I almost killed him that moment (not literally) He said that it was a lesson for me not to leave it anywere else. Eh sinabi ko naman sa kanya na hold it for me for a while diba? Ewan ko ba dun! ^_^ ang kulit ni ya Rem!! Wala nga akong pera eh!! kinukulit-kulit ako!! This aftenoon, I went to bank to deposit my allowance that my mom borrowed for a while as well as my two brother’s. Then, I went to pay for this and that and went home to watch Naruto!! I didn’t saw my favorite character, Kakashi. But I saw my other favorite Gaara. This guy’s a lunatic. When he wants something, he wants it. I read Rolfa’s entries a while ago. They were posted at the forums. I wonder if she has a blog like this also…? Speaking of forum, remember those guys from the forum that has norrow minds that went on a rampage? Eto na naman sila. They never never grew tired. Again, as I had said, kung sanang hindi nila gusto, then just leave the forums and leave us be. Mamundok na lang kaya sila at magtanim ng kamote dun para may purpose sila sa mundo. Yes, I don’t have the right to tell them this because I don’t know them throughly. But by the way they act, grabe! I’m tired of all this. How can people listen to them when they themselves don’t want to listen as well. They should consider other people first diba?

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