To: xxxxx@xxxxx.xxx
From: xxxxx@xxxxx.xxx
Subject: How have you been?


Hey, how have you been? It’s raining hard here tonight. The windows are getting covered with moist that I could hardly see the view outside anymore. There’s a usual cup of tea beside my desk, nothing’s changed since you left. I wonder what would your reaction be when you receive this since I haven’t written you letters for so long. I’m happy that even though we were are so far away, I could still send you my feelings like this.

I’ve attached my complete domain details and my blog password with this e-mail. Please update my blog for me when I leave. Please tell them that I’ll be going. That it had been a long journey and I’ve reached the end of my road. I’m happy that I met such beautiful people along the way. I couldn’t express how they all mean the world to me and that blogging was fun.

Every last minute I have left I spend with all my memories of you. I wish for your happiness more than anyone. Take care, and I love you.

You’re e-mail has been sent.

Let It Rain

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  1. uhmm… maybe she took it as a suicide note? which… in one way or the other… probably the first time reading it would seem like it… though, i thought at first it was someone who’s just going to leave the “net world” or blogging or whatever or maybe someone who’s like… dying off of some disease… which is probably the worst case scenario~

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