Till Dawn of Tears

The sun shined brightly that day, but the once lively streets filled with children running around and playing were not there. Instead, they were at the plains as if machines who were picking flowers, placing them in a basket, going home to give them to their parents and going out again to pick some more. The rowdy market that was once crowded by people was silent. Not one was out for business, not one was out to buy. The people were all at home, as if in trance, making wreaths out of the flowers their children gave them. All day long they did this, until late afternoon that day. As the sun rest his tired body beyond the horizon of light to give way for the night to his reign of the sky, they all went out of their houses carrying fresh flower wreaths they had just made. They took the long road to the cliff side, still, not a word was heard. The wind blew hard as one child stumbled down the road. The child stood up by himself and was silent. Not a cry was heard from him though his knees were bleeding.

Beside the large shady tree, where Autumn leaves fell, upon the cliff side, lays a crystal made casket adorned with beautiful gems and at the lower most part, the eldest sister’s name was engraved to its glass. Flower wreaths that the people had made surrounded the casket. As everyone who went up to see her, their protector, lay there inside the glass casket lifeless, couldn’t help but to just cry. A while later, the wind blew strong, the middle sister, went up to the right side of the casket as their youngest, went up to the left. The middle sister, a songstress, then sang a song so beautiful as if you could feel the deep pain she was feeling that very night. It was a heartbreaking song… a song she sang only once in her life, for a sister she loved dearly. The youngest sister’s warm tears fell continuously down from her cold deep eyes, as she kissed a rose and lowered her sister down. Everyone never thought she would shed tears – but she did out of passion. She stayed by her grave all night as everyone left one by one. The middle sister then went up and asked her to rest but she refused and insisted on staying with her sister one last time. It was very painful for her to see her sister, the one who raised her when their mother died after her birth, the one she considered her own mother, the one who taught almost everything to her, lay lifeless underneath that earth. She stayed there beside her grave until dawn; still, her tears were streaming down her cheek as if it would never end… as if her pains will remain with her forever…

In memory of someone I held most dear. I may forget your face as time passed, but I will engrave your name in my heart for eternity.

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