Joy Ride

The running water form the shower continued on for hours. He was in deep thoughts. A few minutes later, he slowly turned the shower off and reached for the towel hanging on his right. He gently wiped his wet muscular body as the water from his hair drip down. The towel ran down his soft smooth pale skin like that of a woman’s as he walked straight back near his bed. He stared at his naked reflection from the mirror, once again recalling people’s words of how beautiful and sexy he was. He closed his eyes. And walked a few steps to grab something to wear from his wardrobe.

He picked up a turtle-necked Dior long-sleeved shirt and wore a black Versace bottom. He dried his hair and combed it like how he usually do and wore his Cartier watch on his right wrist. He sprayed on his favorite Armani perfume and he was ready to leave his room. He went down to his luxurious living room with a bar beside it and straight out from the front door. He chose to take his Harley Davidson bike this time as he wore his helmet and started to warm his engine to go. And so, he left his Mediterranean styled house.

While driving, he was thinking of how healthy his current life is. He’s a gentleman who’s at his early late 20s; lives alone in a house of his own; a successful businessman who owns a few of this and that; owner of 2 cars, a bike, and a costly cellular phone; a pretty face who was always a cover on magazines; a model who’s always surrounded by pretty women; a healthy bachelor who sleeps out every now and then; a blessed man as most people may call him – physical and financial wise.

While in his deep thoughts doing his regular night time joy ride, suddenly, he started to feel the light rain falling. He thought of playing under the rain for a while. Getting wet once in a while doesn’t hurt, after all. A few more minutes, the rain was getting stronger. He speed up twice as much as how fast he was running – 80 kilometers per hour, 100 kilometers, and speeding more by the minute. The road lights while he was speeding up emits a feeling of peacefulness and clarity. It’s as if he’s flying from another dimension. There’s nothing else in his mind but to speed up more and more. And when he finally woke up from what it seemed like a daydream, he decided to leave all else behind. He closed his eyes. He crashed his bike. The post where he hit his head seemed like shaking. His blood was running down covering his face. He started up to the sky where the rain falls down and thought for a while that the rain falls down in an infinite amount. He reached his hand up high and tried to catch the rain. His strength started draining and so he put his hand down his chest. He paused for a while and then whispered, “That’s about it.” He smiled to the light that came from the post he crashed. And the light slowly fades out.

The rain was pouring hard that night as the traffic jammed along the road. Aside from the loud sound of the pouring rain, there were the sirens that seemed to last throughout the night.

Let It Rain
Chapter 1: Joy Ride

The first of the “Let it Rain” series. I hope you enjoyed it.

Let It Rain

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  1. You wrote this? Awesome!

    But be on the lookout for some minor grammatical errors and spelling mishaps. Other than that, I say you’re doing good. 😀

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