Once Upon a Time, In the Candy Land

Once upon a time, I used to dream of a land with different colors like that of candies and wished to live in a house made of cookies. I started a journey to find this land with eyes fixed on caramel-flavored road and heart warmed by hot choco. But as I travel along this bitter sweet chocolate bar road, I became too tired to continue on. So I stopped here and there to eat berries. I went on until I lost the will to go on and just gave up on finding that house made of cookies. I probably got tempted too much by the sweet scent of the vanilla ice cream, so I remained here. Thinking of that old dream of finding the house made of cookies, I start to wonder if when I continued on with that journey, would I be able to find it? But then, finding the house made of cookies is just a goal I set on myself to venture on. It doesn’t really mean that it does exist. If that would be the case, how am I to find something that does not exist in the first place.

As I’m sitting here now above a cheese cake, on and on, I kept wondering like that, staring at the cotton candy above, dreaming, in a far far away candy land.

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  1. Wow, kawaii imagery, Eu-chan. Especially, the cheesecake. :p~

    You were already sitting on a cheesecake with cotton candies above you, the cookie house must not be far. 🙂

  2. Hmmm… interesting story which made me think, is it ok to settle for something good that we already have right now or to plod on in the hopes of getting to that something better that we’re not sure we’ll ever get to?

    Have you decided on the ending?

  3. philos,
    I haven’t. I’m not sure if I would still pursue what I wanted to do or just leave my career path as it is – going straight, and hopefully, paying me enough to live by each day.

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