L+L: An Introduction

???: Good evening everyone!

???: It’s finally October! Yey! (^o^)/

???: Yes, yes! October is the month where the creatures of the night rises from their sleep to savor the healthy flesh of the living! Be warned! You’ll never know when a handsome creature *ahem* of the night might appear behind you, grabbing you and feeding from the nape of your neck all of a sudden.

???: Don’t scare them! *hits*

???: Ouch! That hurt! Why you-?!

Louie and Louise

Louise: Never mind him, never mind him. Oh! Let me introduce ourselves! Manners, manners! I’m Louise, the pretty young lady at the right. Yep, the one with the lighter complexion. I like crowns, ribbons and Gackt-sama! I love EGL fashion too. I don’t drink or eat (because I’m already dead and I don’t have any organs left), but I love the aroma of rose tea. And that guy over there is not important. You don’t need to know him. Nice too meet you everyone!

Louie: Oi! Oi! That’s not very nice! Hmph! *ahem* Hello everyone, my name is Louie, the one on the left! *takes out a rose* As you can already see, I’m a handsome, elegant and irresistible young lord. *toothpaste commercial smile* Like her, my favorite colors are also black and white. I love Medieval Goth type of fashion. I once had a huge crush on Mana-sama. But then my world broke when I found out that in reality, she’s a actually a “HE.” But once in a while, while alone in my room, I still secretly stare at his pictures from the Gothic & Lolita Bible collection I had. *blushes* And while at it, I’m also silently wishing he was a girl instead. Oh, the painful love life of my youth! T_T

Louise: … (WTH?! He keeps an image collection of Mana-sama in a hidden stash somewhere and he blushed too! What a pervert. And besides, what “painful love life of my youth” this guy’s talking about? He was already dead even before Mana-sama became popular! Speaking of which, I wonder if I could keep an image collection of Gackt-sama too… *drools*)

Louie: No you can’t!

Louise: Wha-?! You aren’t suppose to be able to read those written within paretheses!

Louie: Too bad I could, heh. But enough about that. *ahem* Anyway, we, are the Darenthorne Twins, also known as the “L+L” pair. And no, we’re not a doubles pair in tennis nor we are a part of a pop duo or something (but I’m quite popular, if I may say so myself).

Louise: We are here today on behalf of our dearest mother who is currently sleeping soundly in her coffin.

Louie: Of course! She should be tired. She walked all the way from the Mantrade bus stop to the jeepney terminal in broad daylight and at noon too, where the sun is the brightest. That aside, she must also be tired from doing all those stunts just for a failed attempt of creating a “Tragic Love Song” whatchamacallit too.

Louise: It’s called “art,” you barbaric fool with not a bit of class! And it was not a failed attempt. I enjoyed the photo shoot very much. Even though the camera is a bit too pathetic, I got the chance to wear the Gothic Lolita crown mother gave me.

Louie: Hmph! You’re just happy because you got a crown from mother. she didn’t even have a top hat for me. I demand that she also buys me one!

Louise: Stop being so childish. Grow up. We’ve been living for hundred of years and the longer we lived, the more immature you get. And besides, she’s broke.

Louie: It’s because she keeps on buying those clothes!

Louise: (-_-)||


Louise: Anyway let’s stop this because the readers are already getting bored with all your immature whining.

Louie: Wait! I have bright idea! What if we convinced mother to either make us a separate blog or something.

Louise: wow! That’s a pretty good idea, coming from you. I’m glad you still have something there in your skull even though your brain decayed centuries ago.

Louie: How rude. But then, I’m not sure if we could pull through with a separate blog…

Louise: How about we request mother to lend us her stage for a while until the Halloween is over? We’ll be going back to sleep again, after, too.

Louie: Hmm… Well, we’ll leave the decision making to mother. We just butted in here to introduce ourselves to everyone, after all.

Louise: That’s true. Now we should leave before mother wakes up.

Louie: Right! Well, that’s about it! Good night everyone!

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  1. I enjoyed reading this lol

    You remind me so much of a friend of mine. She had this alter ego and she’d write her conversations with her alter ego and stuff like this. ^^

  2. huh? it didnt really occur to me that this has anything to do with alter-ego.. anyhoos, nice one here eurinee’sama 😛 i think its cute, in a way.

  3. Cool idea. I liked the question marks thing before the picture… very RPG-esque. Anyhow, you seem to have a lot of money on your hands… to buy clothes and skulls and whatnot…

    Say hi to Louie & Louise for me!

    I suspected the previous post was a metaphor, although I’m relieved that you’ve confirmed it.

  4. @hanajima, I never said it had anything to do with alter egos, it was just something that was of the same nature… rpg-ish as the other poster said 🙂 It just reminded me of what my friend used to do.. ‘stuff like this’

  5. @ann: ano0o0o. . Een. . So desu ka (-o-) change topic nice dimple. @euri: L+L would be c0ol in flash 😉

  6. This made me LOL. I agree that it would be cool in flash. Get on that!

    And yes, by Gaia I did mean Gaia Online. Are you on there? Find me! Or I’ll find you!

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