Yahoo has a blog?! (For so you know, it’s here) Damn! I never knew until tonight. I’m so damn outdated. T_T

<img class=”alignleft” ” src=”” alt=”Clapika Chain” width=”164″ height=”200″ style=”display:none”/>Look at my newly bought chain that I’m so inlove with. ♥ Actually, it’s a limited edition Clapika chain. [Oni-san, when are you going to get your chain?! I’m a busy girl.] And I’m going to buy that beautiful sword I saw at an antique shop too! It’s a bit costly though. But it’ll look perfect at my room.

At the other side of my world, I finally had the gravatars working on fine here and will soon work on the long stocked award applications. Also, as I had promised, I’m plugging my fanlisting that Esu-chan of Angelic Reflections had made for me on which she named Vield. I placed a link to my navigation. (Esu-chan, I already plugged. Feel free to use the button I made.) 😉

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  1. Will join fanlisting when I finish all the things that I have to finish. LOL. Nasa kabilang partition kasi ako palagi, eh. sniff
    Damn programming. Eugh.

    Anyway, Euri, yuri…wow…they rhyme. Haha!

  2. Haha, I totally joined that fanlisting before it was even done.

    Yesh, Saturn is RIGHT!!! And she is teh only other member besides me. >>;; You should all feel ashamed. Nyah.

    o.o Is the chain green or something?? Does it really chain people? What is it on???? o_o; can’t distinguish what that thing is that the chain is on

  3. Ummm, yeah. About the fanlisting…I was about to join it but I keep getting sidetracked. And plus I still have to figure out a good place to put my “Fanlistings” section. I just couldn’t make up my mind if I should put the section on the main site, my blog, or my half-dead graphics site. Don’t worry, all should be done. ^_^

    And nice chain. But the thing I want to know is: did you end up buying the sword? =D

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