Syntactician, grammarian or better yet most known as a linguist is a person who specializes in the study of grammars and syntax of the English language.

I really look up to people who could speak or write English fluently and to my dismay, finds more people who claims as one. Please do not claim you are such if you could not live up to it’s meaning. Please do not tell the whole world you are a liguist when I, a mere commoner, could even spot the errors in your grammar. Please don’t overdo your English. It’s sounds absurd! You tend to make a simple sentence too complicated for one’s comprehension. You tend to use deep vocabularies but you fail to consider their consistency. Rationality is a noun. Don’t use it as a verb. Get the drift? Although they meant the same, their usage are different. Think about it. 😉

If you can’t live up to my extremely low standard for a Syntactician, dare not tell me you are good with the Language nor boast around that you are one. Simple words of advice to keep you from losing face.

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  1. I horribly suck at english. period. end of sentence. I just suck this is why I hate SATs, I am going to die on the verbal section and then the writing section because of grammers and crap. Ahhhh :X oh well, when it comes it comes!!

    I am that type of people that over complicate things!! My god… I was doing APR in economics today, I saw the word rate and thought about integrals + derivatives from calculus!! You don’t even need alg II to do economics… X_x god I’m such a tart!! :O haha anyway take cares Euri~ ^^

  2. I don’t like people who are “mayabang” when it comes to English, lalo na when they’re trying to create “accents” when they can speak English almost accentLESS. Ewan ko, basta nakakairita sila 😀

  3. well me living here I should be able to speak good english but at times I speak very badly due to my slang words lol 🙂 but I don’t make fun or go all yeah I can speak english soooooooooo well cos thats just rude as I don’t speak it that well myself!your english is actually good 😀

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