Lost Perception

I’m giving away my clique, Lost Perception, a clique for the misunderstood, to anyone who wants to take it over. Please do reply to this post or e-mail me.) You can find my e-mail at the bottom of this page. Just click my name.) I’m giving a week space for anyone who desires it. If not, I’ll close it down. The entire package of it’s existing members, affiliates, listings and of course the current layout comes along with it. (I feel like I’m promoting a product here. :P) Reasons for this is because I already lost interest in it and I would feel bad for people who joined when I would just close it down. That’s it. So, anyone wants it?

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  1. you’re closing it down? why?

    ei euri, can you teach me how to make a drop-down link like the one who did on your precvious layouts? the one like on the glitter directory?

  2. Closing it? I hope someone would adopt it. I, myself lost interest in my clique for the insane but I put up a yaoi clique instead. It’s more stimulating.

  3. o_o


    I’m not sure if I’ll be able to moderate it. I’m going home for the sembreak. Like in 2 days, I think. But I’ll contact you just in case I fix my schedule or something. 😀

  4. ESU!!! ESU IS A WILLING PERSON XD XD XD You shouldn’t give it to her though, she will most probably mess everything up xD xD~~~

    Anyway, how are you???? 😀

  5. Ahh I’ve never had a fanlisting before…but it’s too much work plus I lose interest in things too quickly XP

  6. I would be interested in taking over. Do i have to host it somewhere or are you going to keep it on your domain? I dont know if i would be able to host it myself, but id be willing to try work something out ^-^ just email me back if you wana.

  7. ahhh if It was in the past, sure why not 😛 But not anymore 😀 I already have my purpose in life and even I am misunderstood by people 😀 nasa liwanag naman 😛

  8. o____o Of course Esu WANTS it. I think one of my hostessies supports the … thingy thingy whatever you said in the email I can’t remember it XD XD

    See how http://magichappy.autumn-storm.net is one of your top 15 refererrs?? I CLOSED THAT SO LONG AGO AND IT’S EVEN A DEAD LINK! How could it be a top refferrerer?? O__O;

  9. I’d do it..But you know I can’t hehe. Sucks when you’re far away from home and do updates on a rented unit. Ugh

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