Movie Phobia

I read Rosa‘s post today. A great post! Actually, a very educational one and I highly recomend it to each and every youth that might pass here. Though, as I read her entry, one awful incident was made fresh from my memory. An incident that I wanted to bury down to oblivion for all eternity. The incident that caused my phobia of going to movie houses. Since that day, I never watch movies alone or with someone unless I know the person too well. I wanted it to be in group or just at home.

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  1. Hey Euri =) Kamusta?
    Your have a phobia of movie houses? I am the complete opposite since I adore movie theaters and going there ^^ How did you get that problem with theaters?
    Sure, I can help you embed the WordPress. That’s the only thing I can with WordPress (as I am the biggest PHP loser of the world and my friend installed WP for me g). Just tell me, write a mail or so =)
    See you!

  2. Omg you’re scared of movie houses? Wow… I love movie theaters! I was afraid of them when I saw Lion King, I was like 9 then and it was just scary. I cried at the sad parts and the screen was too big, made me all scared but when I had to go and watch live performances for Dance class, that got me back into it again! It’s so fun 🙂

  3. I don’t know if I’ve ever been afraid of movie theatres, I’m more afraid of watching a horror movie in my basement, at 12:00.

  4. Heheh, I’m flattered. That entry was just a part of my next project where I plan to make a site entitled, “Urban Survival.” Heheheh… 😛

    Scared of movie houses? Hmm… I too maybe, but not in all. I just watch movies in SM Malls… but as for the others… I won’t. Besides rape and other cases, there has been a news a few years ago that injecting blood with AIDS on a person while watching a movie, then forcing him/her to join their so-called, “AIDS group.” It’s really scary, and no one wants to have a incurable disease like that.

    Anyway, I watch movies most of the time at home. Dahil na rin sa expensive ticket and food, pati pamasahe, lahat-lahat… tapos wala pang privacy. And sometimes, the other people can be very annoying (like their chatting loudly or making an unnecessary commotion) making you to not focus intensively on the movie. While at home, puwede ka pang humila-hilata. Heheheheh.. ^_^

  5. Let me share you this. (parang yung kay Rosa) Sa London meron isang “engage” na babae na pumunta nang “movie house” tapos pagupo nya, may needle siyang naramdaman. Tapos may naka attach na note sabi “Welcome to the world of HIV” Ikakasal na siya.. She was just waiting for the groom… after 5 months ikakasal na lang siya. Namatay siya after 4 months.

    About rape cases, I had my own experiences. Almost lang (Thank God) Sobra protection sakin ni Lord hehe ^_^;; isa sa mga hindi makakalimutan eh yung muntik akong marape noong pinsan ko (pinsan ko ha) pero God protected me 🙂

  6. Whee, your last blog was in Tagalog! XD I don’t know it all that much -.-; I know shame tsk tsk right. Anywaaaaaaay … I never go to movie houses at all. As in at all. I’m one of those stay-at-home-omg-i’m-boring people. ^_____^

  7. Hii Euri! Some movie houses I find scary and.. dirty hehe. ^_^;; About rape things.. ah, ako rin malapit. I was still a gradeschooler nun, and I grew up pretty innocent, my cousin almost raped me. But I was protected by God. Nothing happend. 🙂

  8. my friend has phobias to movies, its really annoying now as he thinks he is “growing up” He’s turning 13 and he is still scared!

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