Eternal Death Wake VI

It’s finally here! And confirmed! Who’s coming?

Eternal Death Wake VI
(Please click image to view actual poster.)

Eternal Death Wake VI
Grand Goth Ball 2008

Featuring Performers:
Roughhausen (Canada)
DJ Necro Kael (France/Thailand)

Underground Performers:
Funeral Frost
Names are for Tombstones
Scarlet Tears
Skies of Ember
The Late Isabel

Halloween Night, October 31, 2008
Mag:net Bar (Fort Bonifacio High Street)
P150 entrance with free beer after 9PM.
For more info, visit the official EDW6 website

Entrance is free from 8-9 PM!
This is a Halloween benefit show special.

Media sponsors:
NU 107
Gotika Erotika

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  1. Woooooooooooo, Halloween night! I assume you’re going?

    That’s sad about you and Gaia…you should become active again.

  2. Come one come all the darkness has opened her loving arms and invited us to imbibe the sweet taste of her cold embrace.

    or just cum out and shake your ass, get sweaty and dance till you drop, either way works for me


  3. Anna,
    Yes, sis. I’m planning to go. It’s near where I live. Just a bus and a jeepney ride away. It’s near work too. XD

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