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Just in case you haven’t noticed, I made a new favicon for my domain, Beyond Eternal. To be honest, I’m getting tired of using my face as a favicon too.

It all started with the idea of making a favicon for the official website/fansite of L†L: Louie and Louise. And I ended up with making a rather more general themed favicon and since it looks nice, I started wanting it for Beyond Eternal rather than just for the L†L site’s use. Then after, I thought of a good idea for a favicon for L†L.

Here’s how the favicons look, zoomed in at 800%:

They looked 100x way better when small, since they’re supposed to viewed small – in16x16 pixels, to be exact. ^^;

Anyway, I’m pretty happy at how it turned out, all thanks to the PEPgenious10 pixel font by PEPLUM where I got the skull pixel from. I was trying to draw the skull figure but got lazy so I started to surf DaFont looking for a good bitmap font that I cold use for the favicon and found that font by chance. Lucky~? (^_^)V

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  1. It looks really great. I have never found enough time to make really cool favicon. Mostly what i do is taking part from my existent images, Crop Tool from PhotoShop and then some online sites that help you make automatically favicon.

  2. I like it how there’s only two comments so far. Most people are such n00bs; don’t even know what a favicon is, I bet…

    You should write about this kind of stuff more often.

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