Simple, Clean and in Order

I like it best when it’s simple, clean and in order. Most of the time, I find these type of designs more beautiful than any others with more colorful graphics and those of which are more interactive with all the animations and stuff. Especially for web designs, I find simple and organized ones the best. I don’t particularly care about what other people say about how “plain” my designs are and how “it always looks the same,” structure-wise and that it’s not visually appealing to the visitors for it’s filled entirely with text. To be frank, I do like plain black and white designs like that of Jenny-fa‘s blog than any other grungy looking colorful ones that I’m seeing most of the time. I’m not a fan of web pages that have too many (and most of the time, heavy) images in them. I just think that a web page is a web page and not a poster or bulletin board ad that needs to attract attention in a glance. What matters most for me is that my sites’ structure always stay organized, that the colors I used (even though I’m bad at matching them) goes well with the others, the fonts I used can be viewed by whatever PC you use, and that the texts I wrote can be read by however old-fashioned the monitor it’s being viewed from gets. I’ve learned quite a few tricks all around from web designing down to coding ever since the first day I coded my own website back in 2003. And even that much time had passed, I still use web safe colors, maybe not always, but most of the time (and sometimes, unconsciously too).

Maybe it’s just me and my traditional and religious consistency defect. Maybe I’m partly just justifying my love for plain black and white and a bit of a defense mechanism for my monochromatic tendencies too. Maybe it’s just that most of the sites built these days suck so much because they don’t even care about little details like I do. Maybe it’s just me being irritated because I was told that my blog is oh-so-plain. Or maybe the person who commented just wanted to irritate me. Or maybe he just wanted attention. And maybe he just doesn’t really have any idea on what he’s talking about.

Either way, it hit a nerve. (^_^#)

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  1. YES, your aesthetic preferences was one of the main reasons I was attracted to your blog. That and your lovely writing. I completely agree with you about visually cluttered layouts, especially those anime/manga ones… most of the time, the authors don’t even use the HTML markup to denote content. Plus not many of them are even good-looking.

    Web-safe colors? Me too! ^___^

    Actually, now that I think about it, there are some more complicated CSS-powered layouts out there that do look phenomenal AND organized, but those are rare and they’re all authored by professional Web designers with a heavy emphasis on Web standards, accessibility, and CSS design.

    Thanks for the shoutout, by the way. gives Euri-chan an affectionate hug

  2. I think I saw you used this theme before and I swear, I really look for this template no tknowing that you made this. I don’t like big templates too, and those themes that there is a lot of going on. big images should be plunked in the bin. Do you give or sell wp templates Euri?

  3. manilenya,
    Nope, I don’t sell them. But I do thought of having them for download. But I’m just to lazy t recode them. XDXD

  4. yeah. you’re right euri. i think mine also a bit grungy. lol. i love simplicity like your lay. mine kinda suck. lol XD. doncha think?

  5. Mas simple mas mahusay ^_^
    Some sites are just….over-designed? yes…good thing I don’t use customized layouts (ligtas sa critics!) because I find it easier to download and use free templates..o baka tamad lang ako mag code. XD

  6. Lloyd,
    I think using your own design for your own blog is good, too. That way, you can express more of yourself visually. 😛

    What link? Your blog’s link is <a href=””” rel=”nofollow”>this one right?

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