Random Thoughts at the Bus

Thought #1:
I love you Genesis! I hate you Victory Liner!

(Both are bus line companies.)

Victory Liner sucks. They don’t drop people at the Mantrade Bus Stop. It’s either Ortigas or Pasay Terminal. WTF? Then what the hell is that goddamn bus stop made for?!

Genesis, on the other hand, drops people there. And its more convinient for me to drop there since I live about a jeepney away from there. =D

Thought #2:
Ah! So that’s why “Blue Eagles” sounds familiar… It’s some sports team related to Ateneo. <(>o<)>

I saw a guy with a wrist band that says, “Blue Eagles” and I thought, “Blue Eagles, Blue Eagles – that sounded familiar. Was it a charity foundation, I wonder…? Or maybe the guy just likes blue? He’s bag is blue, he’s shirt is blue too. XDXD”

And 30 mins later, I saw the other side of the wrist band as the guy try to move a bit to let a person pass. In the wrist band, it says, “Ateneo.” (Some old school where our ever loving national hero studied. Rich kids go here. Well, not all, but still… XD) And thought, “OMG, I suck. This is so freaking lame! ToT Whatever. A lowlife such as I, has not even set foot inside Ateneo. Not even breathed the Ateneo air or something. And I don’t even care if I would, in the future. Also, I do not like sports, anyway.”  – Yes, my other made-on-the-spot lame excuse to cover up the fact that I’m THAT lame. 😮

Thought #3:
OMGOMGOMG! IT’S RAMBO! They’re playing it in the bus! Wow, classic.

I recognize that red bandanna! And that long curly hair! And that huge shiny muscles! And that freaking huge looking gun (I don’t know gun’s model – I do like guns but I prefer sharp weapons like scythe, katana, etc.)! Even if the last time I saw him was like when I was like a tiny piece of human skin, I still remember when we used to jump around the couch, the table, the stairs of our house, yelling, “I’m coming to get you! Bang! Bang!” while firing toy guns at each other (yes, I prefer playing guns with my older brother than playing dollies). And we even have Rambo action figures! =3

This reminded me of those times when I used to hide box of the red rings that we used to insert inside our toy Revolvers for it to fire. It really does sound like a real gun because the rings have gunpowder in them. But all they do is sound like one. They don’t really fire bullets. Well, they do have plastic bullets, but we are prohibited to use them because it hurts when it hit you. When we grew older, the toy Revolvers turned into gas and pellet fired handguns.

When Playstation arrived, we’re never seen running around the place anymore. We’re just there sitting, eating chips, while on our hands are remote controls! XD

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  1. two things that always enters my head whenever i see actions figures.. “Each sold separately”, “batteries not included” LOL from t.v commercials.

  2. What??? Real gunpowder in the rings??? “Gas and pellet fired handguns”??? What kind of children’s toys are these???

    Your childhood memories are interesting. I’ve never liked dolls much either.

  3. I remember those toy guns. I used to love playing with them but then I’d get pissed off because I would lose all my rings, never to be found again.

  4. Funny thing happened to me on a bus ride going to work today, some girl demanded that she be let out..the conductor asked why…she said the man sitting beside her is a hold upper..as quick as a wild fire spreading, 60% of the passengers want to go out too…while us guys at the back was clueless of what was transpiring..Mr.bus driver asked them to go back to their seats…went to the guy and frisked him…and said..”pasencya na ser…” eh hindi namn pala holdaper eh! tsk…paranoia will kill us all someday! moral of the story…it is better to give, but its the thought that counts!

    dos sentimos..

  5. Riz,
    No, not those kinds. But they are quite similar. I can’t carry the airsoft ones. I could carry the “toy” air gun one, though. You like airsoft?

  6. Haha! I love the random thoughts that you think up while you’re on the bus, or even on your own for that fact.

    It’s really strange how fascinated you can get sitting there on your own thinking about random things :p

  7. on bus stops. i’m a huge patron of Victory Liner. haha. i guess it’s not the bus lines’ fault that they don’t drop off people on the usual bus stops. It’s Bayani Fernando’s fault! i tell you, he’s changed the provincial bus stops so as not to cause traffic. (yeah, right. bwiset. haha. ) Victory’s just a victim of that vile tyrant. i’m saying this not to defend the bus line but just to make things clear. 🙂

    on toy guns and Rambo. wow. you also had those plastic Revolvers! may tindahan kasi ng RTW nanay ko before at lagi ako nangungupit ng bala at baril. ahaha. i’m not a huge gun fan before. i preferred the exploding kind. as a kid, my cousins and i made toy pillboxes (expired gunpowder from fire crackers) and molotovs (kerosene and coke bottles). we blew things up! like that old abandoned house a few blocks from our house. the house had art deco bricks and we blew all of them. hehe. he also blew up some unsuspecting frogs and some stupid chickens. haha.

    i had a classmate before who had that huge Rambo boll. about a foot tall right? he had all the guns and gadgets. we used to play together, he had the Rambo and i had those metal Sentai action figures. i can’t remember but i guess, the were Fivemen. the Rambo doll was always the antagonist. he was a giant eh. he was the one out of proportion. nostalgia. 🙂

    i’m sorry. i had a fun (but rage-induced) childhood. haha.

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