Weird Dreams

For a week, I had been dreaming of these things…

I was tied and hanged up in some place I don’t recognize. It seemed like a dungeon though. I was beaten up almost to death. But then, luckily, I woke up before I had died in my dream. It’s quite frightening. It seemed so real. Then, the next day, I dreamt that I was chased by an entire chivalry of full-geared knights to the end of a cliff and fell off. I was expecting someone to catch me but no one did. Then, I woke up. The next night after that, I had dreamt that I was finally conscious from my fall and my head was bleeding and my body, full of bruises. I walked pass a forest that seemed never ending and then I lost consciousness again. that’s the time I woke up.

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  1. My interpretion is merely for fun, but nevertheless, it’s really amusing.

    Tied and Hanged up literally means you cannot move. It means that you HAVE TO MAKE A MOVE or drastic change. This is your subcounsious mind talking to your consious mind. You need to escape. To be beaten up till death means that there are other people in your life wanted you to change. Hence the entire chivalry of knights chasing you. Knights: for all we know are guardians of morality.

    Waking up inside your own dream means that you think you already know what you knew. Hence, you could be wrong [finally consious?] haha. Consius from the mugged body of yours? means you are angry. blood from your self or wounds means very angry. Angry probably from those who chase you. Or in this case…

    You’re angry from someone who wanted you to change.

    Forest means… you’re lost and don’t know what to do.


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