My Personal Point of View

I would like to take this opportunity to explain myself on the comments I had read a while ago… I guess for me it was no surprise to receive comments as such. I already anticipated those ahead of time.

I’m not insisting on this but I just wanted to explain my side. Try thinking about this for a while… Most people believe in a divine being such as Christian God because they need something to explain things such as how the world was created, who created this and that, etc. Remember in our history, it states that ancient people created their own gods and goddesses to explain how things came to be. How does that any different from the Christian God? How sure are Christians that those “few inspired” people who wrote the Bible didn’t just created it for reasons like they need some divine being to hold on or to look up to. Like the Greek gods and goddesses, that were merely created by humans as most claims it to be, possess humanistic behaviors such as inconsistency and unjust. And so does the Christian God. Does this explains the statement “G-d created man in his own image and likeness” (Gen 1:27) or the statement humans created God with their own image and likeness? It seems to me that it explains more of the humans creating their own divinity. How come you say God is insistent? When you read the Bible and try to understand it, the Old Testament would basically tell you to follow the set of rules that God laid (ten commandments). And as you go on reading and understanding this literary piece, you would realize that the New Testament would tell you not to believe the Old Testament’s law. Which is which then? You would tell not to take it as how I read it rather, I must look for it’s deeper meaning instead. If I would take it that way, the unjust part comes. Why unjust? God tells us humans not to commit crimes but he himself commit it. What exactly are these crimes you ask? He stated not to kill, but he force you to do what he wants, if not, you’ll be burned to death. In lay man’s term, he’ll kill you. He also stated not to steal but he steals your freedom. Yes, you might say that he gave us our free will. But knowing that a punishment exist behind a free will, you will be forced to do things not what you think is right rather, what you think he think is right. For example, your father said that you can go out on Friday night but if you do, he’ll cut your allowance for the next month to half. Would you still go out then? You would think of going out but since the punishment of cutting your allowance is present, you won’t go out. Where is the free will there then?

I had written these were on my own accord and no one pushed me to left these words. Again, these were all of my pure personal point of view and I do not force them on anyone.

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