The Issue

The moment I went online, I received a lot of messages asking me if it’s true that I resigned from my job and to the details of what happened. I just go back from 2 weeks of sickness, for goodness’ sake! Give me a break.

To answer the big question, yes, I did resign. But, I had no plans on blogging about the said issue nor I have the intention to tell you what happened. As far as I am concerned, I only told exactly 5 people my side of the story and I expect to leave it at that number. I do not know nor that I care of the different versions of the story you might heard from whomever who had the big mouth to tell you that in the first place. Why do you people make such a fuzz about it, anyway? I’m not even some big shot celeb, geez. Gossips really fly fast. Faster than the speed of light at that! For me, it’s just an ordinary scene that happens to ordinary people at ordinary days. So don’t make it big.

Regarding the fact that I am rarely online after that, I have my reasons.

  1. Tennis no Ouji-sama: Zenkoku Taikai Hen OVA is eating me.
  2. I’m busy with coding the backend for The Final: A J-rock Blog Crew that I adopted from Sapphire. I’m proud to say, that I’m halfway on it with less procrastinating this time.
  3. My hard drive was reformatted again. *sob* Still recovering those back-ups. Yes, I keep backups now. XP
  4. I’m not really offline. Maybe a little in the hiding. 😉

Oh yeah, before I forgot. Pinoy Bagista is back. Please join.

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  1. ang laki naman ng isyu na yan no.. ehe.. para ka tuloy isang artista na gustong pagkaguluhan ng mga tagahanga mo. iba na talaga ang mga tsismoso-tsismosa. isang salita lang mabago, malaking kahulugan na yun.

    buti nga yan lang ang nagging isyu sa iyo T___T

    iba naman ngayon ang mga plagiarist

    marami na ako nahuli
    rosario ko

    tapos sabi xa daw gumawa


    ayoko na ng mga isyu-isyu

    galing noh?
    :wtf: >:(

  2. Pano ka naman nakasiguro na it was plagarized in the first place. Hindi lang naman ikaw ang may creative mind, ang dami dami diyan. Sa dinami ba naman ng tao sa mundo. Wag na tayong lumayo, sa Pilipinas pa lang eh, ang dami na.

    Hindi ko naman sinasabi na wala kang kakayahan, meron, syempre. Proud nga ako sayo eh. Kaso, yung punto rito eh, wala kang proof. Hindi mo naman siya nahuling kinokopya yung idea mo. Nagkataon lang, you have the same. Do you get me?

    In times like these, just ignore them, pagsinisiraan ka. 🙂

  3. dalawang taon ang tinutukoy ko dto..
    isang gaya at isang plagiarized..
    yung gaya, ayoko na alahanin pa

    yung plagia, sa myspace ko nakita..
    me proof ako…
    tignan mo na lang sa myspace ko, malalaman mo…

    kaya nga shut-up na lang ako

  4. Sorry to hear about the resignation. I’m sure you had a good reason for it. And tell me about gossip etc -__- I’ve realised how far word gets around. Sometimes I tell one or two friends about something then later I find out everyone knows about it. Luckily it was always nothing too serious that couldn’t be shared but still amazes me how fast it goes around.

    Hope you’re ok 🙂

  5. ay naku sinabi mo pa.. ang daming taong ganyan ano… ginagawang big deal ang hindi naman.. gagawan ng issue at kung anu-ano… hehe.. well, sana di ka na guluhin ng mga tao na iyan ano… sumali nga pala ako sa blagista hehehe ^^ la lang…

  6. hainaku.. gossips.. naku. grabeh yan. tama ka. sobrang bilis nyan. i rem when I hurt myself with palying tennis, i have a bandage on my wrist. a certain idiot spread na i’m attempting suicide due to a recent break-up.

    wow~ prince of tennis ova. have u seen yun musical? kakatuwa..

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