Termites, Re-spawn?

You read that right.

But before that, let’s flash back to more than a week ago about the invasion of a new specie of pests (at least for me) that suddenly swarmed in on which freaked the hell out of me, on which I slowly planned out of obliterating. Last September 9th, there was a huge battle of good and evil in my castle. The fateful battle of a bunch of termite mobs with an entire party of Termites Control dudes left my entire castle in ruins – dusty, dirty, in shambles and with tiny holes all over with dripping chemicals. It took me 3 whole damn hours (starting from 11pm finishing at past 2am) to reform my army and rebuilt my entire collapsing castle back to it’s normal state. After the end of the week, I traveled back to my hometown to savor a peace and quiet setting n a place far far away from the battle field. While I was being all happy and stupid about the obliteration of my enemies, without me knowing that Arkham is plotting the revival of the little demons and bringing them back from the portal where Sparda supposedly sealed them off.

Now, let me repeat that phrase: Termites, Re-spawn?

Yesh! When I came back home, right about this moment, I’m seeing a bunch of termites re-spawn in the same nook of my freaking room building their base again. Unlike the first time I saw them, I wasn’t as freaked out now. In fact, I find them quite interesting – how they managed to send away a few drones, commanding them to Burrow themselves, expecting for the resurrection of their new swarm again later on, but that’s not important. Anyway, the amount of Zerg units the Overmind dispatched this time aren’t that huge in number, as far as my scouting of them goes, but as I see them now, I could roughly be able to tell that their Creep would increase about a hundred percent it’s current size within the span of a few days. And by the end of the week, it’s probable that their territory would increase twice it’s current state. That being said, I already made arrangements for their second obliteration. Good thing these “things” don’t gain levels and that they take a while before they evolve into boss mobs leaving me enough time to summon the Termites Control people again. I just hope they wont fail me this time because I do not tolerate the same mistakes twice, as a personal rule. According to the Pest Control Commander, the supposed time of the second battle would engage about 2 days from now.

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  1. ahh.. nice.. Terran Vs Zerg! Classic battle.. hhmm.. Firebat = Termites control People Vs. Zerglings = Termites.. lol..

    Bring the big guns in Euri!! lol…

  2. Gotta be twice careful, in Starcraft 2 the Zergs are twice even stronger and resistant :o)

    By the way, the analogy = just irresistibly cute… <3<3

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