Last night, I was having a paranoia and was freaking out about some flake-like piece of thing that fell off on my coffee table while I was reading manga over my brother’s laptop. I was staring at it wondering what it was and where it fell from until I saw this brownish-white colored worm-like thing that came out of it. In this lifetime, I lived in three houses so far and all of them are old ones too with wooden ceilings, doors and everything, on which, the two of them are even more than 50 years old, but this is the first time in my life that I’ve seen such a disturbingly disgusting tiny bit of a creature. What freaks me out more is that I found my room filled with them at the ceilings where I didn’t even see them there when I went home last Sunday night. Honestly, I would rather see an animal with cut wide open with its insides out and lying dead in front of me after I just ate my breakfast (this happened to me a month ago) than see disgusting little worm-like creatures like these. It freaked the fucking hell out off me! And to make it worse, I saw it moved! I saw it moved! TOT

I’ve never felt this horrified in my entire life. And for those people who made fun of me last night, fuck you all. I don’t love you guys anymore. You’re not my friends anymore (quoted from Dos). And I won’t talk to you guys ever again! Ever! T^T

(I later on found out, when I called my mom, that they were termites. A bunch of termites.)

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  1. Awww… huggles those things are creepy… anything that is small, squirmy and wiggly totally gross me out… >.>; especially little creatures like worms, cockroaches, termites, maggots, etc… ugh >..>;

  2. bah~ got cut off again… sigh continuation…

    I hope you feel better soon~ better call those umm… termite
    people XD that get rid of them ~ spray them or whatever~ >.>;

  3. I hate creepy crawlers too specially if they are grub-like or wormlike… anything segmented and moves like a maggot. they look pathetic to me and to think that my body will one day be eaten up by those…. WAAAAAAA!!!!

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