Pepsi: Pinas!

Last Friday, my house-mate Carla, shared me this video of Pepsi: Pinas commercial. It was really funny. They imitated action scenes from the old school Philippine movies. The protagonist chases the antagonist down, while the antagonist hostages someone/holds something in his possession (in this case, it’s the Pepsi: Pinas). They exchange gun shots and shouts to each other. They even use popular lines from the old movies like “Tapos na ang mga maliligayang araw mo!” and “Pati butas ng karayom papasukin ko!” Even their physical aspects and getups are similar – the long haired cop in jeans, wearing denim jacket with white bandanna on the head; and the criminal with mustache and usually wearing mafia type clothing. And of course, that classic evil laugh is exactly the same!

After watching, I went fangirling and added Alvarez Parak (protagonist) and Boy Balbon (antagonist) in facebook and continued on fangirling and spreading the video all over.

Then, the other day, Carla brought home a bottle of Pepsi: Pinas. It tasted just like the my old favorite cola, Pepsi Blue, that disappeared when I was in mid college. She put it in the fridge while we all watched TV. We were supposed to take a picture of it, and post in in her blog. But then, Drake, the 2 1/2 year old toddler at home, was screaming like crazy wanting that bottle of Pepsi: Pinas. When he got a hold of it, he was like jumping around the place dancing while drinking it. So cute! x3

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