Lucky Star

I was chatting with a friend earlier who told me that Animax Philippines will be airing Lucky Star tomorrow (June 8th, 2011). He said that the show will run from Mondays to Fridays at around 7:30PM (GMT+8). Then I suddenly had a momentary rewind. A few years back in Kawaii Heavens, I was first introduced to Lucky Star through staff and members that often use their avatars around the forums. I remembered there were also a few groups who scanlate them too, like the Lucky Star: Comic a la Carte, for example. It’s quite popular around our group since we cater mostly around the same type of anime/manga/games (as you can see with my Rimu-chan layout).

Lucky Star is a short, often humorous, comic strip (something like Peanuts). But rather than seeing it at the back of newspapers, it’s inside Japanese shounen magazines. It’s basically about the random lives of 4 loli-styled high school characters – Izumi Konata, the main protagonist who’s a lazy otaku; the twins Hiiragi Kagami and Tsukasa who’s personalities are totally different; and Takara Miyuki the ojou-sama. The comic strips doesn’t really give off any plot, but I guess it will be different for the anime. This particular series was really popular over the years and had doujins and parodies all over, as well as memes, too. It’s probably due of the humor and the loli style that hits the bull’s eye for most Otaku. What was that term Nicky (npal) used to say? …Ah! “delicious loli.”

Personally, I think it’s cute and interesting (not to mention that I’m almost a pedobear follower, myself) to watch because of the interesting personalities of the characters, and well, for the most part of it, the randomness. You might be interested in watching. Scratch that. No, I demand you to watch or Pedobear will creep under your blanket while you sleep! XD

Oh, and an obligatory Konata sleeping face! x3

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