I Am Legend

So, last night, I’ve finally finished watching I Am Legend. It’s a Korean TV series that stars Kim Jung Eun. It ran in 16 episodes. But what I love the most out of it is that it’s not the too mushy type love story of a TV drama like the Winter Sonata. Another thing I love about it that Kim Jung Eun here is a part of a rock band. Stories around rock bands has this special appeal on me. This also proves that point of why I’ve actually have an unconditional love for Kaikan Phrase, less the smut. This is one of the few Korean TV series that I’ve watched. I’m more fond of Japanese and Taiwanese TV series because I really have a hard time remembering Korean names so I usually end up giving the characters nicknames instead. Like in this case, I call the husband, “idiot husband” and call the other guy “kuya pogi,” which translates to, “handsome older brother”.

I Am Legend is about a woman named Jun Seol Hee who married into a rich and prestigious family. But 5 years after her marriage, she grew tired of living her life like a lie. She wasn’t happy with being emotionally bullied by her mother-in-law and sisters-in-law. And her husband being such an idiotic bastard, who instead of taking her side, insults her even more. To make things even more worse, his husband doesn’t sleep with her, but stays at his officetel instead. Her only consolation left of her, was her all girl rock band that she’s been together with since high school. Finally, one day, she woke up to the truth and decided that she would divorce her husband, of course with the help of a reality slap of a major event in her life. But since his husband is such a celebrity, to save his and his family’s face, he refused divorcing her until they reached to court. While on the process of divorcing her husband, Seol Hee was trying hard to forget about bad memories and reorganize her life the way she wanted to together with her band and their dream of becoming professional musicians.

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  1. I have nothing else to add aside from the fact that i have the hots for Kim Jung Eun since I was in college.

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