Revamp, Finally!

Beyond Eternal will be a bit messy this coming days/ weeks/ hopefully, will not reach months, but I can’t really promise. I’m doing a major revamp. I’ll be moving stuff here and there and re-organize the blog as a whole. I’m planning on trashing a few stuff that aren’t really contributing to the site as a whole, not that this blog has any real purpose than being a blog or anything. So you might see things here and there that aren’t working. I’ll be working on them as I get to it page by page. I’m being serious about this mass revamping, too.

Say good luck to me, that I do not procrastinate half way, again. XD

I’ll be revamping my blog. I mean, right now.

I will no longer use this feed. So please change your feeds back to

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  1. Hiro,
    Thanks!!!! x3

    Yeah, I was too lazy to make a new one. And I miss this old layout too. XD

  2. Heeeeey Euri-chaaaan. 😀 I’ve just been lurking these days. I’m supposed to wish you luck, but wait, am I late? Is this the new layout?

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