For April 5th:

We finally left the house. Here are pictures of the house before we left.

Warning: Tons of cellphone quality pictures ahead!

I failed to take a picture of several parts of the house because I was helping with moving our things out. I took these pictures while on the way.

Pictures I failed to take:

  • Master’s Bedroom
  • Laundry area (main house)
  • Dirty kitchen, there’s a path there that leads to the laundry area
  • Left Garden, where our African love bird’s aviary and Raven‘s cage is located
  • Garage.
  • “Other” house, the other side of our house on which we rarely use. It’s where all our aquariums are located. There’s a small dining area there, a kitchen, 3 more rooms (one of which is mine and was used as a guest room), and 2 more bathrooms. Its laundry area is also linked to the back of our house where the camias tree is.

Our Living Room

Living room. I’m standing in front of the Buddhist altar in our house. It’s beside the dinning area. That open door leads to the master’s bedroom.

Our Kitchen

The kitchen. The area where I took this picture from was the dinning area. That door with Buddha’s poster leads to the dirty kitchen.

Ahia's Bedroom

Ahia’s bedroom. This was originally my older brother’s bedroom. That’s why there are Star Wars and other anime and game posters all over. It was later used as my parent’s bedroom and he now sleeps at the master’s bedroom where all his other anime and game posters are scattered.

Shoti's Bedroom (I'm actually sharing bedrooms with him since mine was used as a Guest Room)

Shoti’s bedroom. I’m actually sharing bedrooms with him since mine was used as a guest room. This is also the place where dad’s wine collection were placed since they used this room before as a master’s bedroom and moved to my older brother’s room later on.


Garden. This is located outside the house.

Garden path to the Pond. This was where all mom's orchids were.

Garden path to the Pond. You go through this path to get to the fish pond. This was where all mom’s orchids were all piled up.

Fish Pond

Fish Pond. Where we raised all our healthy Koi fishes! :3

Camias Tree

Camias tree. It’s an old camias tree at the back of our “other” house. There’s a small door from the right corner of the fish pond that leads to the back of our house. When you go through that path, you’ll find the laundry area of the “other” house.

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  1. Ravencroft,
    Yeah, well. We can’t do anything about it anymore. ^^;

    Someone scammed our house. We lost the case and had to leave.

  2. Ah chucks, sorry about that Euri. Look at the brightside though, you can move in with me now 😀

  3. MikoKagome04,
    A lot happened. I don’t wanna talk about it. Sorry. ^^;

    We moved out of our house. The picture was taken when we almost emptied out the house. =)

  4. yay~ euri-chan is coming to canada! come here and ill take care of you~ i’m sure you don’t eat that much XD hahaha you can stay over at my place for awhile~ XD

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