Friendster Testimonial

I got a testimonial this morning from Ferione. :love:

Friendster testimonial I got from my Honey:

????????????????????????? ??????? ????????????????????? ? ??????????? ????????????? ?????? ??????????????

I honestly do not know if it is correctly written since I could only read a few Chinese words. (Sue me!) I had it translated and got what it meant. Well, sort of. And finally, when I got the chance to talk to him, he told me that this is what he exactly wanted to say:

Here I stand against all odds. Fighting for the freedom of our hearts. Life is so cruel that you and I need to sacrifice all the things we have. Although it seems like you and I are walking through a rough road. Future looks unclear. Wherever it leads us. I am glad we are going there together.

He used Google’s language tool to turn it into simplified Chinese that gave me a hard time getting it translated. But when he finally told me the exact words, I can’t help but to cry.

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  1. Awh. That was sweet of your cutieface to do that x] Makes me regret being single T_T’ I need some love too ;__; Lol

    I used that language tool thing before, to talk in german with my friend about perverted shit XDDD! Haha. It was funny because what I would type it to have it made in german would come out totally diff so instead of being perverted, I was calling him in asshole O__O I actually said naughty boy but asshole came up XDDD!!!!

    Kudos for the lovely sweetheart though dearest, what he said was cute.

  2. Hey whats up ^^ Aww thats really cute ^^ I should downlaod hte chinese symbols cause all I ever see are boxes ;__; but like i’d use em –; lol

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