The Phisher

Did you know? There was a phisher at He named himself Martin Anderson. O diba? Gwapong-gwapo at sosyal na sosyal ang dating! Tipong US based company kami, diba? Not! FYI, we are located in the Philippines. Well, duh, dot ph nga eh, okay ka lang? But you know what, he’s gay. Really. Rustom is sexier, however.

Kidding aside, he’s really a phisher and a popular one at that. In fact, he now has his own page at our help module just to show our members that he has a terrible naming sense, as well as a horrible copying skill. He is even funny enough to claim that he belongs to the Safeharbor Department at Inc. Taking aside the fact that is not an incorporation (maybe he didn’t realized that after we almost displayed it in each page of the site), the thing the disturbs me the most is that department name. Let me repeat that. Safeharbor Department. What the heck? It gives me goosebumps just hearing it. It sounds like we’re sailors that ship products over lands and seas! It sounds crappier than my given position, seriously. And oh, I haven’t mentioned the horrible way he tried to copy our e-mail template. He used cyan as a color for the template border. Even the crappiest designer here (ahem, that would be me) wouldn’t even be stupid enough to use such color against a white background. Not to mention the double space and the ruined layout.

Basically, what I wanted to say is that we have a phisher so you guys should be careful. That’s it.

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  1. Rustom Padilla. That actor who admitted to an interview that he’s fucking gay and was broadcast all over.

    He’s my type, you know. So fucking sexy.

    PS: Wrong spelling yung name, I stand corrected. XP

  2. Yeah. I’ve received that phishing alert on my mail. That’s funny. He goes for Western Union accounts yeah?

    Rustom Padilla? Yeah. He has the guts to admit that on National TV. I wonder what her previous girlfriends think. Hrmm..

  3. That’s strange. I would say more but I don’t really know what’s going on. looks confused Ahahaha!

    Well, you know you can mail your payment to Dremhost, right? They take checks or money orders (althought USD only). So that’s an option if you’re really needing to make a change. But whatever you do, I hope things work out. I’d hate to see something happen to the site. 🙂

  4. [Begin Nitpick]Rustom actually admitted his homosexuality inside the Pinoy Big Brother house while he was a contestant in the PBB Celebrity Edition, not in an interview[End Nitpick]

    Well, that aside, it has been obvious all along, no surprise there. Kung wala lang discrimination, this would not be such a huge deal. Hehe… kakatawa naman yang phisher na yan.

  5. But he was interviewed after that at some showbiz talk show. And I went squealing like crazy and even wanted to glomp him from that TV! He’s so fucking sexay! 😛

    And to you, my dear friend, one of the reason why I don’t get attracted to you is because you’re not gay.

  6. Oh yes. Just a further confirmation of his initial admission. I like Rustom better now. He seems to be more real and genuine now.

    Me gay? Gay for pay pwede… If the price is right. We are, after all, talking about billions of dollars here. Hehehe. Haven’t received a reply yet from

  7. He seems to be more real and genuine now.

    Amen to that.

    We are, after all, talking about billions of dollars here.

    Dude, if I have that billions and billions of dollars, I would’ve bought Gackt or Mana (though I doubt he wanted to be bought since he “hates humans”) or even Rustom instead!

    drool alert

    PS: Don’t even dare try to think about Sam Milby. He’s so gay and he still denies it. I hate it.

    Haven’t received a reply yet from

    I think you would get that in a while. Considering the number of people applying (and none for your position, that I know of) and some issue with the HR’s OIC that I don’t know nor I care of. So just wait.

    Patience, is a virtue, after all.

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