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Are you aware that Direct Linking or Hotlinking when unpermitted is also considered as stealing? As a matter of fact, when you hotlink an image, for example, you are stealing other people’s bandwidth on which, that person is paying for. Banwidth doesn’t seem like a big deal to non-site owners but when you own a site, everything revolves around banwidth and banwidth is one heck of a pain in the pocket. (For more detailed info on Direct Linking, visit this page: And because I have a very kind host that is always patient with me and even treated me a hundred Gb of banwidth already, my site stays up even on the verge of exeeding too much banwidth. *throws roses to Enjay*

A few minutes before I wrote this, I was dropping by my affiliates like I used to. And as I browse to see other affiliates of a certain affiliate, I was wondering why my button was broken. And when I accidentally dragged the broken image at my browser (Mozilla Firefox rules!), I found out that, d so as Themis (Greek goddess of justice) has guided me through, it would be fair enoughthat certain affiliate had been hotlinking from me all along. And the reason why my image was broken is because I am always renaming my buttons to keep them from being hotlinked. An to remove that certain affiliate. You know how site rules go, so no buts.

Due to my devastation, I lot the mood I had to work on our thesis and visit more affiliates and read blogs.

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  1. Maybe, next time you should place your buttons on a freeserver. Hmp. Kainis yung ganun.

    Dati I was accepting affiliates and LE, but now, I realize that it’s better not to and judt link the people I like to link. Mapili kasi ako sa blogs eh. 🙂

  2. Erg…. I hate it when people direct link! especially when you actually tell them not to and they do it anyway. That’s a good idea, to change the name alot. I think there’s some sort of code that if someone direct links a button, a sign of your choice shows up saying DIRECT LINKER or something of the sort.

    sorry for not finding your blog earlier! I assumed that it was the main page…. ^^”…..

    I looooooove your avatar, btw.

  3. Yep…been there, done that. I’ve encountered this problem countless of times and it almost killed my bandwidth.

    I heard that mod_rewrite is your best friend in this sort of situation, unfortunately my web host doesn’t support it so I haven’t bothered learning about it. =( Ask your web host to see if they support it.

    I like your idea of changing the file names every so often though.

  4. Rei,
    I missed you! Yeah, I’ll be moving my my blog back to the main page as soon as I get to figure out how to do it without ruining everything. 😛

    I love my avatar too. 😉

  5. upload ur buttons in photobucket.. i do that to all my pics.. hehe.. anyway, kill all hotlinkers! a lot of brazillians have been stealing my friends pixels and images, direct links them and redistribute them on their sites.. evil ne? demo they think we Filipinos are lower than they are.. guess again! hehe.. la lang.. take care euri-sempai! hehe.. sempai eh ano..

  6. Yah… direct linking is a biggg thing to me. Partly because I had to shut down a site I put so much effort into, and gave so much to making it nice. People don’t appreciate it and just started stealing, linking my pages, etc… and it made me so mad! =/ God, how long does it freaking take to save a button and upload it to your own server? I especially hate people who don’t even ASK and just take things, that’s as rude. BlEh…

    It’s okeez Euri, I feel you!! Jennijens will never do that 🙂 I am a web owner myself =X

  7. Oh man, hotlinking is so aggravating. I’ve came across several people direct-linking my avatars already. I came across a little tutorial about preventing hotlinking, but it seemed rather lengthy so I haven’t done it yet. Take a look, though:

    Anyway, I was checking my awards page just now, came by your main site. Just wondering why my award for you didn’t appear on the awards page… Was the URL different, or did you run out of bandwidth again? Or is it just me? 😛 If you need me to send the award image to you again, just let me know.

    Don’t let the direct linkers get away with it!

  8. You have a nice layout here really. You have a lot of point there about the bandwidth stealing, some people just doesn’t care about stealing it or much worst they’re clueless about this thing.. that’s the big problem. *sigh..

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