The Nth Hater

Dear Hater:

First, I wanted to let you know how “greatful” I am for your flame and I just wanted you to know that I love flames for so I am amused of them. Since I started blogging some years ago, I have received a lot of the kind, and it is not something new that I’d go pretty histerical about that I receive flames and hate letters in my mail nor comment box.

You don’t like this site or any other sites I make and you think it’s the very definition of “trash”? Dude, I-do-not-care. I didn’t made this “trash” for your likeness, pleasure or let alone you, some lame jerk who tried to bury a comment at some old entry. To even think that you could hide that comment from me, you sure don’t think I have at least a tiny bitsy brain do you? Besides, didn’t I stated in this site’s “Law” some years ago that if you don’t like the site or anything within it, just leave?!

You don’t like me and you don’t think I make great sites because for you, they suck. Great. I’m so devastated that I became a suicidal just now. Hello? Did I even claim you like me? I don’t even know you.

And lastly, I do not make “great sites.” Because I make, sites “from the heart.”

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  1. 😮 rude ppl piss me off totally agree with ya I just got some hate mail from some weirdo but I don’t really care cos there so low they go on other ppl’s sites and post rude comments just to get kicks out of it but really its not going to help them is it? any way one hater and 3 million lovers lool!
    Luv Bexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. It boggles the mind that a person like him/her still exists.

    And lastly, I do not make ?great sites.? Because I make, sites ?from the heart.?
    – Nice…Catchy! 🙂

  3. You shouldn’t bother with those kinds of people. They just have nothing to do that’s why they bother other people like you who live your life according to your will–without trying to ruin other people’s lives. I sometimes flame other people, but most of the time, they are constructive enough. (That’s more of a criticism, actually.. ^^;) Then again, I could just hunt and kill that person for you, if you want ask me to. Hehe..

    Don’t waste your time in such wimps. If you try to flame that person, I’m going to bet my life he/she’ll just become too depressed and be utterly hate the whole world. XD

  4. Haha! You go Euri! To hell with haters. Unless they can give you any bit of constructive criticism, you don’t need them.

  5. In order for th world to be balanced, people like them will exist no matter what. You just have to ignore them

  6. haay,, the person who Criticized your work has no idea of what he’s/she’s talking about,, don’t mind people like that,, just a waste of time (tsaka sayang ung space,,hehe) basta you know you like and love what you’re doing just go and do it,, we all know that you’re good at what you’re doing,, don’t let them put you down,, but take it as a challenge,, k? mwahhh,, Miss u,, 🙂

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