Grandma Updates and New Slippers

We went to the hospital this morning to visit our grandma, who’s currently under surveillance for a possible cancer in her throat. Apparently, there are stuff that appeared within her throat making it hard for her to eat. Therefore, she refuses to eat any food and even just drinking milk. They confined her to the hospital because she haven’t been eating properly for days and she seems to be getting weaker. They’re currently injecting the necessary nutrients she needs directly to her body via IV.

She seems healthier today than she was when I last saw her – last Sunday. She still doesn’t seem to remember my name, but she guessed my brother’s names correctly. Last week, she called me my mom’s name. And this morning, she called me shoti (it means younger brother, referring to out younger brother). They said that we’ll get a feedback regarding the results of her tests tomorrow. I hope it isn’t cancer. 🙁

On a brighter note, I’ve got a new pair of slippers.

For weeks, I’ve been ranting about the sandals I recently bought with Kini. That pair of “emergency sandals” is so bad. I got bruises all over my feet just for wearing it for a few days. T_T It also has a bad history behind why I bought it – my Banana Peel flip tops broke, in the middle of the road. When that happened, I was like, “Kini, got any Mentos?” joking about how eating it would give me some bright idea of how to get out of the pathetic situation, like in the commercials. I borrowed Kini’s love-love bracelet from his wife and tied my slippers with it, for a while, until I realized that I have tie tied around my hair. I used that and return Kini’s bracelet before I really broke it (sorry, Kini. ^^;), and dragged him to Metro Department Store, Market! Market! (being it the nearest place from our location – in front of Joren’s condo).

So anyway, Ive been wearing that shitty sandals for weeks looking for the “perfect” sandals. And I’ve finally found it!


Though you might find the design quite dorky (because I’m a dork), it’s really soft and comfortable to wear. It only has an inch heel as opposed to the platform sandals and shoes I often wear. Oh, and don’t mind my ugly feet and that very visible rash on my right foot – I get those often.

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