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So we’ve finally moved houses. I’m now officially living somewhere in the middle of nowhere. When I say in the middle of nowhere, we do actually have a proper address and is in a good neighborhood even though Google Maps can’t detect the location.

You can find our new house after you ride about 5-6 kilometers from the main road. You’ll pass though a row of houses along the way, an overpass crossing the express way, wide meadows with lots of lush green grass with wondering cows and goats, then a cemetery, and then, another row of houses until you get to the main gate of the subdivision. Yes, it’s a subdivision even though it feels like I’m living in the provinces because of the agricultural smell in the air – you know, the smell of clean air with the mix scent of plants and animal poop.

But I’m a bit sad about this new house, though. Everyone seems to be in a pessimistic and are in crazy awful mood to be moving in here. They find it too small, crowded, and inconvenient, particularly with commuting to and from here and their work place. I actually find it inconvenient as well considering how far it is from civilization. But since I’m not the type who really goes out of the house much, I don’t really have much problem with it.

Everyone was asked their opinions before moving in and they don’t seem to care or give a damn. When we’ve finally moved in, every one was saying this and that. Seriously, it’s kinda tiring listening to endless bickering and depressing opinions. If they had something to say, why not say it when they were asked? And since we’re cohabiting with each other, what are little sacrifices we have to make for others? People in this house need to understand this much and stop being selfish for once and that they need to learn to accept whatever that is already laid before them, is what I think.

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  1. This always happens, not only with moving but with any major decision in a family … when you ask them if they would have an issue, everybody is either okay with or don’t give a rat’s a**; when the major decision is carried out (whether it is moving to a new house, or changing schools, or a family member having to move away for work) then EVERYONE has a problem. It’s just life, after a while you learn to ignore it, most of the time anyway.

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