Elysian Dark Fest [Septem]

The seventh Elysian Dark Fest is up! Same time, same place, and more bands rocking your world!

Before everything else, I wold like to thank Crysella Records for adding my logo up in their poster *points at logo below (besides Only Pinoy’s) despite that I didn’t really do anything to warrant me of such privilege. It made me so happy I could cry blood!

edf7 ELYSIAN DARK FEST [SEPTEM] – CRYSELLA RECORDS (a professional, major & quality production). Proudly presents its 7th series of quarterly dark music festival featuring:
MortalfeaR ?
Corrupt Insanity
Brutal Punishment Philippines

*** Crysella Records would like to welcome our new signings: Kuadrumana from Iran and one of the finest local metal band, Infernal Eden. Kuadrumana will also have their album(The Gamodeme) launching on Elysian Dark Fest. Be updated with Crysella Records bands and Elysian Dark Fest Series by signing for FREE at: http://goo.gl/lfdBjy


Exclusive artwork for Elysian Dark Fest Series by
Ehdz Tiongson

This event is advertised on FACEBOOK (paid ads) and other promo-pool channels, in and outside the country.

Posters, Flyers & Tickets Offset Printing:
Flyerfish GmbH, Max-Born-Straße 2, 72622 Nürtingen, Germany

Gate Price:
180 pesos per skull


? Of all the bands in the line up, the oldest one I’ve known is probably the band MortalfeaR. Some of the band members (vox and guitar) are old friends that I met back in mobius. I remembered putting up flyers and posters in my work station to support them when they were on a roll up to the top of Muziklaban where they won runner-up then, years back. They also played with Arch Enemy in their concert, back in 2009 too. They seriously rock, for the lack of better term. You gotta see them!

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