Celestia Daenerys’s First Birthday!

My 3rd godchild, Celestia Daenerys, who was born on a rainy day, celebrated her first birthday last Saturday, also on a rainy day. She’s living up to her namesake, Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen from the novel A Song of Ice and Fire.

I know, this is a super late post, excuse me for being way too busy.

The birthday girl, Celestia Daenerys, who was scared shit of Gimace, with her mommy Bea and daddy Lee.

While I’m at this, I want to raise a concern, and probably a few lines of rant to McDonald’s. As a child who experienced the same trauma of having a kid’s party in McDonald’s, I strongly suggest to please consider removing or changing Gimace as an option for a kids party mascot. It’s not freaking funny. Sory for being blunt, but I do not believe that there exist a single child, under the age of 5, who actually enjoys and loves seeing Gimace, for the first time in their lives, in their birthday party! Because for one, children loves bright colors, Grimace is colored violet, and violet is not exactly a bright and happy color. Secondly, seeing a huge unidentified violet thing horrifies the hell out of kids. Especially when that creepy violet thing moves and dances around in a creepy grin. I could probably testify as one of the children who got traumatized with this and never wanted to have a birthday party at McDonald’s ever again. I meant this.

Moving on to happy thoughts, the birthday party in general was a fun event, even when I was forced to join some game where we’re required to move a lot and in the end, we actually lost. And it was nice to see friends you haven’t seen in a while! ?

Aaaannnd! The obligatory photo group spam! (Warning: Heavy images ahead!)

The only picture collage posted in my instagram, with missing friends, because I was lazy to bring Adrian along and take pictures. He’s already probably cursing me to death. XD

StalkerBugs at Celestia Daenerys's First Birthday!
StalkerBugs from left to right: Mark, Glen, Andrew, (my stupid burred troll face holding a fries), Roch and Jepoy!

Photos were all stolen from from Bea, RochJepoy  and Square Faced Photobooth.

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  1. Your god daughter has a fantastic name! I couldn’t agree more that McDonald’s birthday parties are horrible. I too suffer from having a traumatizing party there when I was a child.

  2. I just fell in love with your goddaughter. Can she be my goddaughter, too? Any child with “Daenerys” in her name, I will voluntarily adopt.

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