Years before when their love was new, she often feel left out, sad and alone for he’s was always loaded with school, work and some other things that makes his life too complicated to adjust while she, on the other hand, has not much of a life. Days, weeks, months passed by so quick as the tides turned everthing around. In silence, she sites there reminiscing how hard she competed for his time and felt deep shame as she realized that fact that just the thought of it was childish and at the same time, foolish. Foolish enough to mislead him, foolish enough to put a crack on the once clear glass they were both holding on so strong. As she weeps herself off despair, she repeatedly say, “I’m sorry…” But then, just a sorry isn’t always enough to mend everything, but it’s enough proof to know she was wrong.


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  1. nice.. is it about someone… like you? i agree with sorry on how its not really the cure for mending everything… its not just like that easy for things to go the way u want it too… its just not enough… ^^

  2. Yeah, sometimes I feel that way like I’d be doing something and then I think about it and I realize how humiliating-ish it was >__>; Like gosh I am pathetic. D: But that really is sad. >> If he REALLY appreciated her he wouldn’t be too busy for her. So nyargh. ^^;

    I put a new layout on veiled :] Is it good? V___V;;

  3. ?I?m sorry?? But then, just a sorry isn?t always enough to mend everything,

    It may seems weird for you, but that’s enough. You may laugh at me for saying that when you’re sorry. It is enough. When you love someone, Kahit ano pa ang pinagdaanan ninyong masakit. It’s easy to forgive. That’s a TRUE Love. No couple is perfect. Everybody makes mistakes. And the measurement of True Love is through forgiveness. Love.. does NOT Keep the RECORD of WRONG.

  4. Forgive and forget? Sorry, but I do not believe such a thing exists. You could always ask forgiveness and be forgiven, but the forget part – it’s always a lie.

  5. sabi ni boss you messaged me?


    Forgive and forget? Sorry, but I do not believe such a thing exists. You could always ask forgiveness and be forgiven, but the forget part – it?s always a lie.

    it depends. you believe it is a lie, I belive it is not. What are the benefits of unforgiveness? i dont think u can have real peace w/o forgiving and forgetting. i guess that is the reason why many ppl doesnt have peace right now. bec they cant forget.

    dadalhin mo ba yan 4ever? ingat ka sa pagdadala, sooner or later marerealized mo, your anger already destroyed u.

  6. kalakip kasi nang not forgetting ang regret, anger, bitterness (especially sa sarili), fear, dissapointment etc..etc..

  7. Ngeh. *fall off her chair* Kaya nga “Time” yung title eh. *gets up* Ikaw talaga, tsk tsk.

    kaya nga magingat ka. You said time will heal everything right? then Forgiving and forgetting is not a lie 😛

  8. ^o^ Huggles! I missed you too ^~ btw… just wanna ask if we can become affiliates again… i got this new site and we’re still working on it, but it’d be great if we can get someone to link us up, coz we’re looking for people to help us with it ^^ It wont be a graphic site like the last time though, but still has the same name ^^; anyways… i’ll visit again here sometime ^^ see yah!

  9. mmm (yes I’m back :D) well it depends whether the person is willing to forgive and forget some times its better to forgive but not forget cos say if a person had hurt you before and are continually hurting you but you keep forgiving and forgetting so your not doing any thing about it I’d rather hold on to some thing just for a little while so I can be sure it won’t happen again. Some times things just arn’t ment to be and sorry can’t heal it so thats the cue to call it quits!
    any ways see ya later euri!
    Luv Bexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Hi beautiful girl :] Long time no comment, no? Yes. Bad me XD; So lazy.

    Cute update. Beautifully said xoxo

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