I recently registered for Bloglovin’. It’s a blog reader of some sort, kinda like Google Reader (RIP). Since Google Reader shut down, I’ve been looking for a good reader and I found this one through Hiro-chan when she was advertising

Follow on Bloglovin 

I’ve fully migrated the all the blogs I read back from Google Reader to Bloglovin’. I migrated them manually one by one just to make sure that the blogs are still working and are still updated I didn’t add blogs that have been forgotten by their owners and not updated for years. I’ve also failed to add a few blogs with either errors on their RSS or no RSS feeds at all, like those blogs that are still manually being updated.

So, how about following Beyond Eternal? 😉

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  1. I like Bloglovin! I didn’t really use Google Reader, so I was already on Bloglovin before Reader went down. I’ll follow you on it 🙂

  2. I love using Bloglovin! 🙂 I use it more than any other reader, honestly, it’s just easier to use I think. I’ll definitely have to follow you, always looking to meet new people online and such 😀

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