It’s taking my life away…

If I haven’t visited your site for a week now, I’m hooked-up with my pet Ivory. 😉

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  1. normal ba yung every images na nakikita ko sa site mo na me nakalagay na “im an evil bandwidth thief”?

  2. thankx for teh greet at sa gift :]

    ano ba yung site na yun? pinuntahan ko tapos binabayaran. nakita ko nga may tagalog translation pa :]

  3. Nag-iba yung location ng layout? What do you mean? Yung mga links, di pa yun okay, kasi may prob sa PHP syntax kow.. ewan ko ba ~_~ bleah.

  4. GoPets huh? I don’t know…it took me years and lots of rehab to stop my addiction to NeoPets. I don’t think my shrink will like it if I sign up to this one. 😛

  5. Waaaaaah!!! Euri-chan, I’m sorry…Wasn’t able to finish my sign-up for GoPets…:(
    But I will…as soon as I gather myself up. X(

  6. Hahaha I know the feeling, I am currently mad obsessed with my xanga/myspace XD! So many emo boys dies xoxoxo I missed you.

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