Life and Pain

Life is a set of chains that binds you to this world. A world where mountains are made of pilled up corpse and rivers are made of blood. A forsaken realm where every person are tainted by the mark of sin once they are born. A frightening domain where salvation is but a mere illusion and freedom can only be attained by death.

While Pain, on the other hand, is that something that pulls you back out of the dream world and brings you back to reality. The more it hurts, the more you realize that you are alive and everything you feel and see in front of you, are all real.

The amount of pain a person feels are practically almost the same when you look at it at the same angle. It just that it happens in different time and place, in different situations, in different emotional stability and that people are of different kinds.

There are people who try so hard to bear it and there are those that gave up along the road and end their so called “borrowed life”. There are people who couldn’t bare it alone, therefore, they create their own doll with their own image and likeness. A doll who could comfort them whenever and wherever they pleased. They put their beloved up to the highest pedestal and praise it like a deity. They blind themselves and believe that it loves them unconditionally and it gives them all the comfort and peacefulness they desire for it is what they needed to bear it all. Subconsciously, the doll soon after became the one that dictates them what they do and that all they would do is to follow. Such is their way to go on. And there are those who would rather bear them alone and drown themselves in that place where light is absent. Those people knew that Darkness would never lie to them, pretending to love them and give them superficial warmth. Because Darkness in itself is truthfully cold, who would rather let you you feel pain and let you hear screams of agony and moans of lamentation. In that cold silence deserted by warmth and forsaken by light, their shadows would embrace them and share their pains with them. They don’t need people who would bring them light. All they need are people who can feel their pains and hear their cries.

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