I Don’t Know

I don’t know what’s wrong with this site. I seemed broken for some reason. My host said that it’s because of people’s ISP’s cache are not updated so they can’t view my site properly. But I had a hunch that it’s more than that. Oh, as soon as I make an entry, whatever the errors may be, may it be typographical, grammatical or simple due to my natural idiocy, please spare me that thought that I will edit my entry. I cannot edit it. My default maximum execution time is only 30 and I have no way of increasing it through .htaccess therefore, I cannot edit long entries through WP panel. That is also the same as saying, I cannot edit all my entires. I asked my host about it and he told me that there would be no way that my maximum execution time would be allowed to increase.

I’m at my limit. It’s either I bare with it or shut this damn site down for good.

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  1. hay.. now I have to use a proxy server to visit your site?? I can’t even use the smilies?? damn… hhhhmmmmmm. anyway.. this is all happening because of that person who hacked the site.. Hey euri write him in your death note!!! hehehee.. KILL!!!!! hahaha!!

  2. I’m afraid I gotta ditto what madshock just said. But hey, whatever floats your flaming boat. Best of luck. 🙂

  3. I request of you… don’t shut this site down… but then again, if you decided to do it, then it’s fine with me… after all, I know such a burned will get through your activities and just cause distraction or something… I guess shutting down BE would be the last resort…. It’s gonna be agonizing for all of us… 🙁

  4. *double posting!! rawr!*

    ack.. that’s supposed to be “burdened”, not burned.. goodness, I’m screwed. and spamming, too. 😡

  5. @ madshock ~
    This domain, doesn’t only contain a blog. I have tons of other sites under this domain, you know.

    @ aruki ~
    Even if shut this site down, I don’t think it would be any different since I am not a popular figure in the blogging world. It just so happen that we both crossed out roads here.

  6. wag mo nlng shutdown site mo but then if it pisses u off much.. y not try to get hosted nlng.. anu nmn masama dun dba? at least lht ayus and everything would work well dabah?

  7. what’s your host? (you can email me your answer if you don’t want it to be posted here.) My host doesn’t have restrictions like they have.


    if you don’t want to switch host (btw, you can keep your domain name even if you switch to a new host) use a WYISWYG editor like Windows Live Writer. I recommend using Windows Live Writer since there are so many people creating plugins and developing it. It can also be used for different kinds of blogs (blogger, wordpress, livejournal, Spaces Live, and many more).

    That way, you don’t need to edit your entry or publish it through accessing your host. You can just post or edit any entry just by using the software.

    you can get it at http://ideas.live.com

  8. @ Chino ~
    I’ve been running this website for almost 4 years now. And I keep moving from one web host to the other. For some reason, I never really get satisfied with it. The only host that I was really satisfied with was my second one, <a href=”""http://teamfreeway.com/” rel=”"nofollow”” rel=”nofollow”>Freeway Hosting.

    And, I hate WYSIWYG editors. Because WYSIWYG editors outputs unnecessary and invalid XHTML codes in a very messed up way of coding. And I hate messed up coding.

    @ Esu-chan ~
    You can find and adjust maximum execution time in php.ini and sometimes, through .htaccess. It declares how long your page can be loaded. If your page exceeds the maximum execution time, it simply stops loading like it hangs.

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