The Master and the Doll

I love you so much.
Yes, you love me more that anything.

Because you are all that I’ve ever wanted.
Because I am what you wanted to be.

At the same time, I hate you so bad.
More than anything, you despised me the most.

Because you are all that I can never be.
Because I am what you and everybody wanted you to be.

I am myself.
You are you.

You are me.
I am also you.

We share the same mind, body and the same feelings.
We are one.

Yet I am not you.
But you will never be me.

I will never be that somebody you always are.
I will forever remain that somebody you always dream to be.

I wanted to be you.
You wanted to be me.

And I took your role.
And I played your part.

At the end of the show, everyone applaud.
Everyone was pleased with our show.

Everyone liked you in my role.
Everyone loves me. Everyone except you.

Everyone didn’t know.
Only the two of us know.

Because we are one and the same.
Because only we know the truth.

That I am the real one.
And I am the doll.

I am the flesh and blood.
I am the one made of plastic

I am the living one.
But you are the one broken.

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  1. This reminds me of Ji-hoon and Hyesung “doll” song. Ah oo nga pala I added you sa blog ko yung testimony blog ko. Well in-add ko lahat nang mga kaibigan ko doon christian or not christian 🙂

  2. Parang yung Final Fantasy card na nakita ko. Nyeh.

    I’m not using a proxy server ngayon and I was able to access your site. Hmmm…

  3. I asked atty. We won’t publish death books daw hehe ^_^;; kahit hindi siya Christian he is not into those stuff. We can publish anything but not adult and not books that can make people commit suicide daw @.@

  4. Chette,
    I thought so. I had a 70% feeling that I would be rejected. I still held on to the 30% though.

    Replied at your blog. Sorry for double posting and letting out my depressions on you.

  5. hehe like a conversation with myself apart from the doll bit hehe thats really good I could come up with a few manga scenarios from that!
    Luv Bexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. I need to borrow your poem-writing skills so I can publish a bookful and become famous and rich and lie down at home most of the time watching TV.

  7. I don’t understand… I can’t view BE at home, but I can do so here at school. T_T But I’m not always at school. >.>
    * * *
    Oh, how lovely.. 😀 I like this one~! Yeah, as FLAMEGOD said, this one reminds me of Rozen Maiden, too.. especially the “broken” part… And the way you put the similarities and contrasting characteristics of each is really true. Sometimes, it’s the human who’s more broken than the doll.

  8. What’s this? Introspective conversation? It’s like trying to squeeze out the essence of your very being. La lang hehehe. No net at home. Smart bro na rin ako para may kasama ka ng mabubuwisit hehehe.

  9. Sure. As long as you don’t alter anything from the original poem/lyrics and the copyright to the lyrics stays with me. I would also require a copy of the entire song when it’s done (if possible, a clear/cleaned copy).

    I hope those aren’t too much to ask?

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